Truck cabs are getting longer: more space, more overview, more safety

Truck cabins can get longer
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Consumption and accident numbers should decrease

A length increase of 80 to 90 centimeters should be allowed . This allows truck manufacturers to design the cabs more aerodynamically and rounder. This lowers fuel consumption, makes the cabs much clearer and also lowers the risk of injury in the event of accidents with people or cyclists.

The new key data should be good for a consumption reduction of up to 10 percent, and the EU Transport Minister saw a significant decrease in the number of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. In the course of February, the new rules will be laid down even more precisely.

It is still unclear when the new, longer cabs will actually be seen on new trucks, as many truck manufacturers are only just starting their models with old ones Have freshened up cabins and are therefore not ready to make extensive changes in the current product cycle


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