Toyota and partners bring fuel cell trucks

In Japan, from the beginning of 2023, a light fuel cell truck will be on the road in field tests. Toyota, Hino, Isuzu and CJPT are involved in the development.

Electromobility with fuel cells should prevail as an alternative to battery-electric drives, especially in the commercial vehicle segment. Only two car brands currently have cars with hydrogen tanks in their range. Hyundai the Nexo and Toyota the Mirai.

The Japanese car company also uses its drive system in a light fuel cell truck. The new model is currently being developed in cooperation with the commercial vehicle manufacturers Isuzu and Hino and the "Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation" (CJPT). as well as being on the road for social projects in Tokyo. The electric trucks with hydrogen tanks can be used with refrigerated bodies, for example, to transport food from transhipment points to supermarkets. In distribution transport, the advantage of short refueling stops at hydrogen filling stations can be played out.


Electric truck for distribution traffic without long charging stops: In cooperation with partners, Toyota is developing a light fuel cell truck with hydrogen tanks ready for series production. The first vehicles should be on the road in Japan at the beginning of 2023.


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