Torsus Terrastorm Chassis VW Crafter: For extreme mobile homes

The Slovakian converter Torsus brings an all-wheel drive chassis based on the VW Crafter. It is particularly suitable for self-built long-distance travel cabins.

With the new Terrastorm Chassis, the Czech company Torsus is presenting a new chassis for self-builders and builders. As with the Terrastorm off-road bus which the company presented last year , the chassis is based on the VW Crafter/MAN TGE in the four-wheel drive version. Similar to comparable chassis models, the Terrastorm chassis can be used to create individual superstructures from the loading platform for gardeners to the crane truck for construction sites, but the model is particularly interesting for the long-distance travel scene, where used truck chassis are usually equipped with self-made living quarters become.

Ideal basis for living quarters

The Terrastorm Chassis offers a modern Euro 6 drive for this clientele, using the 177 hp variant of the two-liter diesel four-cylinder, which can be combined with a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed automatic leaves. A differential lock is integrated on the rear axle. The chassis is optionally available with a single or crew cab and thus up to six seats. Similar to the base vehicle, different wheelbases and weight classes are also available: 3.5t, 5t or 5.5t and the lengths L3 (wheelbase: 3640mm; length: 5996mm) or L4 (wheelbase: 4490mm; length: 6846mm).

Torsus equips the Terrastorm chassis with an extensive underride guard, which covers the engine and transmission as well as the tank. Off-road tires (225/65 R17) are mounted on the 17-inch wheels. A Torsus specialty is the new front apron made of robust plastic, in which additional LED headlights are integrated. The apron is also prepared for the installation of a 5.5 ton winch, which can also be ordered from Torsus. Like the lower body parts, the front apron is protected against scratches and damage with a special coating.

Lift and underride protection

The chassis of the Terrastorm chassis is higher than that of the VW series. Bilstein B6 shock absorbers are used on the front axle, the rear axle has been upgraded with new leaf spring packages from the Australian supplier Ironman and Profender Dakar shock absorbers. Torsus specifies the ground clearance as 250 millimetres. A stock air intake snorkel is installed for deep fords. Torsus also mounts higher differential vents on the axles. These ensure that the warmed-up differentials do not suck any water into the differential housing when cooling down when driving through water due to the resulting vacuum. A small but important detail that is often overlooked in off-road vehicles.

According to the manufacturer, the Torsus Terrastorm Chassis can be ordered from January 2022 and should also be delivered to the first customers in the course of the year. The basic model with a single cab and a total weight of 3.5 tons will be available from 51,716 euros.


After the Terrastorm panel van, it is only logical that Torsus also modifies the chassis from VW/MAN for off-road use. This gives individualists an interesting opportunity to create their own structure. The Terrastorm chassis is primarily interesting because all the necessary and sensible improvements for off-road use are already integrated compared to the all-wheel drive basis of the VW Crafter and MAN TGE, meaning that the overall package is practically ready to go.


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