Thor ET-One electric truck: competition for the Tesla Semi

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D The topic of electric trucks is cooking at the start-up Thor Trucks from Los Angeles on a much smaller flame than at Tesla. Here a team of only 18 people works on the truck of the future. The company was founded by Dakota Semler, the son of a freight forwarding company, and his fellow student Giordano Sordoni.

With the experience from his parents' company, Semler knew that the future of transport lies in electric drives. Because the small team cannot develop everything themselves, the choice fell on a conventional truck chassis from the Navistar Group. This is equipped with heavy-duty axles by the specialist Dana. The electric motor comes from the shelf of the supplier TM4, who already supplies the motors for various other electric drives in vans, buses and trucks.

Range should be up to 480 km

The cabin of the Thor ET-One has been aerodynamically optimized and is therefore very reminiscent of that of the Tesla Semi. Thor donated his ET-One, however, a distinctive grille for differentiation. The developers have not yet given any specific information about the performance of the electric drive - depending on the configuration, between 300 and 700 hp are mentioned, the maximum torque should be up to 6,400 Nm. Power is transmitted by a single-speed gearbox. The payload of the articulated lorry is given as a good 36 tons. And even if this is fully used, the everyday range should be 300 miles (around 480 kilometers). Later, a version with a 100-mile radius of action (160 kilometers) will also be launched. There are still no values ​​for the capacity of the lithium-ion batteries, which are manufactured from cells by the manufacturer LG Chem. The energy stores are housed to the left and right of the main frame under the side panels. The charging time should be around 90 minutes.

The first ready-to-drive prototypes should be ready for test drives as early as 2018. The Thor ET-One will go into series production from 2019. Depending on the battery size, the price range is 150,000 to 250,000 dollars.


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