The motorhome for everyone who hates campsites

The company Loki Expedition offers large box bodies for trucks. The comfortably equipped living containers fit on almost every truck.

At Loki Expedition, they know their way around suitcases: the company from Québeq, Canada, has been constructing extremely robust living quarters for pick-up vehicles for a long time (see also our video below). Target group: People who can't do anything with camping pitches and want to spend their free time undisturbed far away from civilization.

In the video: Loki Basecamp

This topic is now to be transferred to XL format. The idea is not new and is also popular with relevant expedition vehicle manufacturers in Europe: Ready-made box bodies that can be mounted on any truck chassis, from used fire engines to brand-new luxury trucks. Loki Expedition wants to offer both complete vehicles with selected truck chassis from different manufacturers or just the camper case that customers can mount on their own truck.

Body with a length of six meters

Box lengths of between 4.9 and 6.0 meters are possible for the "Discovery" body, in order to achieve a suitable length on double-cabin chassis. The case is constructed with GRP panels, which are said to be particularly light, fire-resistant and good insulating. Loki built a tubular steel frame around the suitcase for protection and stability.

The interior is divided into three segments. In the rear there is a large U-shaped seating area with a table that can be converted into a large bed. In front of it is the kitchen unit with sink, stove and the fridge opposite. Separate from this is the sanitary module, which in turn is divided into three individual areas. In the middle is the passage to the transversely mounted double bed, next to it is the toilet with washbasin, separated by a door. On the other side there is an integrated shower cubicle, which is also the "anteroom" to the front door and can therefore also be used as a dirt lock, for example if you want to go into the living room with dirty clothes after a mountain bike trip.

Up to 1.5 kW from the solar system

Access to the airy, high cabin is via an extendable staircase, and there is also a large sun awning on the side. The bottom rear part of the case is beveled so that it doesn't get stuck on rough terrain. The two spare wheels are mounted on this bevel on the outside.

Customers can choose the cabin equipment, especially in terms of technology, from a whole catalogue. If you want to stay away from busy campsites for a longer period of time, you can have the case trimmed for self-sufficiency: using a solar system with an output of up to 1.5 kW and lithium-ion batteries for up to 2.The Discovery case can be equipped with 000 Ah, an inverter with an output of up to 10 kW provides enough juice even for exceptionally power-hungry applications.

Fresh water tanks are realized with a volume of up to 640 liters, 270 liters are available for gray water. If you bunker your drinking water from a secluded stream somewhere in the middle of nowhere, you can rely on a UV water purifier. The fridge has a volume of 160 liters, the separate freezer has a capacity of 35 liters, and there is also an outdoor kitchen for nice-weather campers.

Price? Expensive!

Loki Expedition doesn't reveal prices, but that's not unusual in this industry. After all, each case is individually equipped with optional equipment and different components. Inexpensive, that's for sure, there is another way, which is also not unusual for such models. For the "Falcon X" based on the large Ford pick-up, Loki Expedition calls for the equivalent of 520,000 euros, but then the truck is also included. If you want the Canadians to build you something beautiful, you have to pay a reservation fee of 5,000 dollars, and the total costs for the project will then be discussed in a friendly conversation with the customer.


As far away from everything as possible, but please with full comfort: Truck-based expedition vehicles are marketed according to this motto. A new player in this industry for well-heeled outsiders is now reporting from Canada. The Loki Expedition concept is based on trendy minimalism in styling and complete self-sufficiency in technology.


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