The most uncomfortable VW Bulli: T6 as a prisoner transporter

VW T6 Multivan prisoner transporter
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I With the Trendline equipment, the VW Multivan comes with air conditioning and a second heater in the passenger compartment as standard. There is also a camping table, a mobile phone interface and the comfort headliner with roof vents for the circulating air fan. All in all it sounds very homely, doesn't it? This idyll is destroying the British branch of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles with the new VW prisoner transporter - it turned out to be a lot less comfortable.

The prisoners are in the VW The bus is framed by steel bars at the front and back. Unfortunately, there are no fabric seats for them either.

No fabric seats in the rear

Well, that's okay in this vehicle It is also rare for the passengers to go on a family trip to the beach. There is only sand to be seen in the cracks in the stone in the prison yard. The converted Multivan offers space for two prisoners and two officers who are allowed to keep company. How practical that seats in the Bulli can also be fitted the other way around so easily. Unfortunately, the involuntary occupants do not benefit from the standard “Kutamo” fabric seats. There are two smooth metal seats for them, but at least opposite one another so that you can still wink at each other furtively. Profound conversations are not really conducted.

The prisoners are separated from the officers by a steel grille. Of course, there is also a corresponding grille on the rear side, although there is no handle inside to open the tailgate. Why also? From the outside you can recognize the VW prisoner transporter by its stylish police wrapping, possibly by the 100 watt siren and a blue LED light signal system. The engine sound is less striking - the bus is powered by the 150 hp two-liter TDI. Well then, have a good trip -at least in the front seats.


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