Tesla Cybertruck made of Lego bricks can now be ordered (2019)

Peter Blackert
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S The Tesla Cybertruck is now considered a huge PR coup by Elon Musk. Not only did the futuristic triangle design cause quite a stir, but also the failed demonstration of the supposedly impact-resistant and bullet-proof exterior. Among other things, Carglass invited Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen to an appointment. Now more and more creatives are romping around the silhouette of the pickup and immortalizing the pre-orderable Tesla in various ways.

Even with ATV

One of the many who was inspired by the Cybertruck, was Peter Blackert. The Australian has been designing Lego offshoots of well-known and bizarre cars for many years and immediately set about the Cybertruck. Various details appear in the computer-generated renderings and even the electric ATV found its way onto the loading area of ​​the block truck. On top of it comes a Lego Musk - hopefully without a Lego smartphone with Twitter app.

Not directly from Lego - but 1,046 original Lego bricks

The kit is not from Lego directly, but consists of 1,046 original Lego bricks. It is 29.5 inches long, 12.5 inches wide and 10.4 inches high. Its weight is 745 grams. The figure that Tesla boss Elon Musk represents at the presentation of the Cybertruck in November 2019 in LA is also included in the kit, as is the Tesla ATV (all-terrain vehicle /quad), which fans after the presentation as a converted Yamaha quad unmasked.

Costs and delivery date

The spiral-bound assembly instructions are available in German and English - it comprises 80 pages and is almost entirely in color. The complete kit with figure and ATV is now available and costs 300 euros.

Save with introductory offer

Brickworms has decided on a temporary introductory offer: Whoever purchases the kit by February 15th If you order it in 2020, you will get it with a 30 euro discount, so you pay 270 instead of the regular 300 euro


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