SoFlo Strikeforce: Tuning based on GMC Hummer EV

SoFlo Customs is one of the first companies to offer a tuning package for the electric pickup. The GMC Hummer EV does not just get a new paint job.

Yes, the GMC Hummer EV has a purely electric drive. Nevertheless, it is difficult to describe the huge pick-up as a "green car" given its dimensions, its weight of more than four tons and its technical data (about 1,000 hp, up to 200 kilowatt hours of battery capacity). Unless tuner SoFlo Customs gets their hands on the E-Hummer. Then it suddenly comes across as very green – in the literal sense.

SoFlo (that stands for South Florida) Customs puts together a new tuning package for the GMC Hummer EV, which is called "Strikeforce" (task force) and which focuses on the company's typical livery. This is an epoxy coating made from Kevlar fibers - in this case with a matt green color and a tactile structure. The material Kevlar is used for bulletproof vests. The body of the Hummer is probably not that resistant; however, it should be armed against rocks, branches or falling stones.

Lift kit and off-road tires

SoFlo Customs should have enabled the Strikeforce for off-road excursions. Especially since the tuner gave it a lift of around ten centimeters and robust 20-inch rims in a golden color scheme with 38-inch off-road tires. Incidentally, the measures should not have any negative impact on the driving characteristics of the GMC Hummer EV. The "crab mode", i.e. the almost lateral movement with diagonally placed wheels, and the ultra-fast driving mode "Watts to Freedom", which enables acceleration from zero to 60 mph (96.6 km/h) in three seconds, are retained .

By the way, SoFlo Customs doesn't just show courage for color on the outside. Inside, the electric Hummer gets dark brown quilted leather seat covers and interior door panels. The material used should be particularly water and weather resistant and in this respect meet the extremely strict requirements of the US Marines.

Almost a bargain

By the way, the SoFlo Strikeforce is currently one of the few ways to get a GMC Hummer EV. Because the interest is huge and the General Motors brand cannot keep up with production, it is currently not offering the model at all. This green tuned copy, on the other hand, would be available immediately. The price is 219,999 dollars (currently the equivalent of almost 207,000 euros) and thus about double the new price level. But series copies have already been offered for significantly higher tariffs .


SoFlo Customs actually specializes in customizing Jeep models. With the Strikeforce, the troop based in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach wants to show that they don't shy away from products from GM - even if they come with an electric drive. The changes are still limited. But as we know the SoFlo squad, there is likely to be a lot more to come.


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