Roush Ford F-150 Nitemare: An acceleration monster

Roush Ford F-150
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I n its top version, America's bestseller, the Ford F-150, is powered by a five-liter V8. In series production, the naturally aspirated engine has an output of 390 hp and a maximum torque of 525 Newton meters. For the traditional Ford tuner Roush Performance, this data is just a reasonable basis for its F-150 Nitemare, which you can work with - but which urgently needs to be increased.

In 3.9 seconds from zero to 60 mph

Just like the house, Roush gives the F-150 its TVS R2650 compressor and a sports exhaust, which optionally has a flap system, the sound of which can be remotely controlled and individualized via an app. As a result, the Americans produce 659 hp and a maximum of 827 Newton meters in the F-150 Nitemare. Roush has now demonstrated on the Milan Dragway what this leads to. An example with a Regular Cab accelerated from zero to 60 mph (96.6 km /h) in 3.9 seconds; one with a large super crew cab was only two tenths slower.

Of course, a bit of trickery was required to achieve these acceleration values. In the corresponding video, it can be clearly seen that the Nitemare is no longer equipped with the Continental Crosscontact LX20 tires in the 285/45 R22 format, but has more traction-stronger tires on its 22-inch rims. It is interesting that Roush lowers the F-150 body, but optionally includes an off-road equipment kit.

The tuning package costs 19,150 dollars

The rest of the tuning Program is about optics. Roush gives the Ford F-150 a new grill with three LED spots and lettering as well as covers for the front bumper. Otherwise there are graphics, stickers, lettering and badges to identify the pickup as a tuned copy. Whether you should expect more in view of the conversion price of 19,150 dollars (about 17,000 euros), everyone has to know for themselves


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