Rivian R1T Electric Pickup: Starting June 2021 for $ 75,000

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Rivian R1T electric pickup
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D he chances were good that Rivian would ahead of more and more numerous and sometimes well-known competitors and is the first manufacturer to bring a fully electric full-size pickup onto the market in the USA. According to original plans, it should be ready this year. But the coronavirus thwarted Rivian’s plans: it is now clear that delivery of the R1T pickup will not begin until June 2021.

Rivian R1T in the typical US pickup format

Despite the Corona delay, the electrical startup is in better shape than ever: The company raised 2.5 billion US dollars in investor money in the latest financing round. Also there: US star investor George Soros. In February 2019, Amazon had already invested 700 million US dollars in Rivian. The online retailer made the investment with an Order of electric delivery vans linked, which are to be delivered from the end of 2021.

The Rivian R1T, made of aluminum, high-strength steel and carbon, steps into the typical US pickup with its double cab and four doors -Truck format. It is 5.54 meters long, with folded exterior mirrors 2.01 meters wide and 1.83 meters high and has a wheelbase of 3.43 meters. Short overhangs at the front and rear and a ground clearance of 20 to almost 37 centimeters thanks to adjustable air suspension should ensure sufficient off-road capability. Rivian gives the front approach angle 34, the rear 29.3 degrees. The ramp angle is 25.7 degrees, the fording depth should be just under one meter. Thanks to the low overall center of gravity, the climbing ability is an impressive 45 degrees.

A range of up to 644 kilometers

Rivian uses a skateboard architecture to accommodate the complete battery pack in addition to the drive components. Depending on the configuration, this is 105, 135 or 180 kilowatt hours. The ranges are staggered as follows: The first R1T models on offer are to create 483 kilometers. The versions with a range of 402 and 644 kilometers will follow later. Battery and other upgrades should be possible over-the-air. The batteries should be able to bunker new energy by fast charging with up to 160 kilowatts. 80 percent of the capacity is charged in 50 minutes,In 30 minutes enough electricity should flow for around 320 kilometers.

Four electric motors take over the drive, one on each wheel. . The total torque is between 560 and 1,120 Newton meters. This allows a special feature: As a video published by the manufacturer shows, the R1T can turn on the spot - like a tank. Equipped with the top configuration, the almost 2.7-ton Rivian should spurt from zero to 60 mph (96.6 km /h) in about three seconds. The top speed is 200 km /h.

Lots of storage space in the Rivian R1T

The payload is specified as 800 kilograms, the trailer load should be just under five tons - if it is completely exhausted, it shrinks Range, however, to half. The loading area with an electric tailgate measures 1.37 by 1.30 meters. In addition, the Rivian offers a covered, 312 liter cargo space under the front hood and a tunnel compartment behind the double cab that holds 337 liters. Its doors can also be used as running boards. Optionally, the R1T can also be equipped with all kinds of gimmicks. A camping kitchen, for example, or charging connections for cell phones, flashlights and e-bikes, which can be safely stowed on the loading area with practical struts.

Rivian wants to offer a number of accessories with which the R1T can be upgraded to the perfect camping mobile

The five-seater interior offers a large glass roof and several large touchscreens as standard. One serves as an instrument cluster, the other as an infotainment center. The rear passengers can configure their settings using a third touchscreen. On the way into the terrain, the Rivian R1T should be able to drive autonomously to level 3 at some point. Initially, the standard assistance systems, which allow some independent driving on highways including lane changes, work with twelve ultrasonic and five radar sensors as well as eleven cameras that depict a complete 360-degree view, and lidar technology.

Launch Edition from $ 75,000

Now the prices have also been determined. As in the auto industry nowIt is common for the first R1Ts to be launched in a launch edition. For 75,000 euros (the equivalent of 63,600 euros) there is the electric pickup with the off-road upgrade including improved underride protection, two robust tow hooks in the front bumper and compressed air compressor. In addition, and among other things on board: an electric and lockable loading area cover, a 360-degree surround sound system, accents made of ash wood and heated and ventilated seats with covers made of vegan leather. Customers can also choose whether they want 20-inch rims with off-road tires or 22-inch wheels with sports tires. By the way, pre-orderers pay 1,000 dollars.

Rivian has already presented its R1T electric pickup at several auto shows.

Interestingly, it costs Adventure variant, available from January 2022, is exactly the same, but has less well-stocked standard equipment. At the same time, the basic model with the suffix 'Explore' will be launched on the market. At a base price of 67,500 dollars (a good 57,000 euros), the basic equipment is clearly slimmed down.

Rivian uses a former Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Illinois to build its vehicles and the batteries that go with them. As soon as series production starts, 20,000 cars will initially be built per year. Thereafter, it is planned to increase production to 50,000 units a year.


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