Recall Ford F-150: 1.5 million trucks with transmission problems

Recall Ford F-150
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B Vehicles from the construction period April 2010 to November 2013 that come from the Dearborn and Kansas City plants and that are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission are affected by the recall. Of these, around 1.26 million vehicles are on the US market and around 221,000 on the Canadian market.

Sensor error causes gearbox to downshift

Due to a sensor error, the gearboxes in these vehicles can suddenly switch to downshift the first gear - regardless of what speed you are currently driving or which gear is engaged. The problem obviously stems from a speed sensor at the transmission output. If its signal flow is interrupted, the transmission automatically shifts to first gear.

This can result in unstable driving conditions and accidents. So far, Ford has linked five accidents with this transmission problem. Ford is checking the relevant sensors on all affected vehicles and is also installing new transmission control software to prevent this unintentional downshift.


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