Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Rebel 2023: All Info

Ram Trucks introduces a new off-road variant of the heavy Ram series. Also on offer: a bearish six-cylinder diesel with a lot of torque.

The Dodge subsidiary Ram Trucks, based in the Stellantis universe in the US commercial vehicle department, presented the new model year of the new Ram Truck at the beginning of September, as a full-size pick-up a competitor for the Ford F- 150 The news are manageable, an improved camera system, a trailer maneuvering assistant, a new multimedia display.

, Now the people responsible for Ram are pushing another pick-up, which already has more interesting things to offer. The Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Rebel continues what has already become a sales success with the lighter 1500 pickups (the numbers after the type designation stand for the payload weight class), an off-road version ex works. Instead of leaving the income to the numerous US tuners with their conversions, the manufacturers secure a nice additional turnover, because many of the pick-up customers equip their trucks with chassis lifts, off-road tires and other off-road accessories anyway after the purchase.

Coil springs as a special feature

The Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Rebel has already been extensively upgraded so that they can leave their money directly with Stellantis in the future. The basis is the lighter Ram 1500 Rebel, which offers an interesting alternative to the trucks in this weight segment that otherwise have leaf spring chassis. With the rear axle with coil springs running over five wishbones, it offers more comfortable and precise driving characteristics than the stagecoach technology of other heavy pick-ups.

In addition, there are the add-on parts that are now all too well known in the adventure pick-up genre: underride guard, raised chassis, larger off-road tires. In addition, Ram puts an electric winch on the front of the Rebel. The standard engine is the 6.4-liter Hemi V8 petrol engine with variable valve control, which delivers 415 hp. When it comes to torque (581 Newton meters), however, you can hear his colleagues giggling: The optional turbo diesel from Cummins distributes 6.7 liters of displacement to six cylinders in line and achieves a torque like a farm tractor: 1,152 Newton meters knead the axle drives. And the Cummins diesel's 375 hp aren't too bad either.

1,152 Newton meters of torque

While an eight-speed automatic is used for the V8 petrol engine, a six-speed automatic is sufficient to manage the diesel speed range; the particularly robust 68RFE transmission, which was introduced in 2007, is used here. Regardless of the engine, the new Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Rebel can load a maximum of 1.4 tons. And when it comes to the trailer load, it is particularly lavish, the large pick-up can take 7,652 kilos in tow.

The first models of the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Rebel will be delivered this year, the time has come in the fourth quarter. There are already prices. It starts at $67,045.


With the new Rebel special version, Ram Trucks is now also using off-road tuning ex works in the heavy pick-up segment. The competition at Ford did it with the F 250 Tremor. The reason for this is simple: the manufacturers prefer to do the lucrative business with customers who are keen on conversion themselves rather than leaving them to third-party companies with their tuning offers. The expansion of the model program shows that this orientation is clearly worthwhile.


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