Quantron 12 m electric bus at the price of diesel

The company Quantron from Augsburg wants to bring an e-bus for the price of a diesel model. A fuel cell variant will follow later.

The company Quantron from Augsburg has been dedicated to the topic of electric drives in goods and passenger transport for some time, whereby in addition to the battery-electric drive, especially in the heavy-duty area, the topic of fuel cells is favored. At the IAA in September, Quantron announced a new partnership with Ballard Power - a Canadian company specializing in the manufacture of fuel cells.

Fuel cell bus is coming

Another cooperation between Quantron and the Chinese company EV Dynamics is running, which, in addition to complete solutions in the commercial vehicle sector, also offers electric platforms for building with independent bodies.

As a result of this cooperation, Quantron wants to launch a new low-floor bus in the twelve-meter class next year. The bus will initially come with a battery-electric drive, later alternatively with a version with fuel cells as the power source for the electric drive.

The announced electric bus with a total weight of 19.5 tons will have an electric motor with a maximum output of 250 kW and a torque of 3,400 Nm. Four battery versions will be available from 242 kWh to 433 kWh; Quantron specifies the maximum charging power as 80 kW.

Up to 280 km range

The bus with a passenger capacity of - depending on the seating - 71 to 95 passengers should achieve a range of 160 kilometers with the smallest battery pack and up to 280 kilometers in the largest battery expansion stage. According to the manufacturer, the Quantron 12 m, designed as a city bus, is "in a similar price range to conventional diesel buses". According to Quantron, it can be ordered from the end of 2021.

For the coming year, Quantron is planning a second variant of the 12 m bus, which will then be powered by hydrogen fuel cells instead of large traction batteries.


Quantron from Augsburg has specialized in commercial vehicles with alternative drives. In cooperation with a Chinese manufacturer, the company now wants to launch an electrically powered low-floor bus for city traffic that can compete in price with conventional diesel models.


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