Peugeot Boxer 4x4 Concept motorhome: camper van with an adventure aroma

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A at the leisure time fair CMT in Stuttgart (11th to 19th January 2020) Peugeot shows a Boxer concept vehicle as a camper. The basis is the boxer panel van in the long L3 version with high roof, which gives the Boxer 4x4 Concept a living space of ten square meters. Peugeot has furnished it with a classic panel van conversion including a kitchenette and wet room, and the concept vehicle has three beds.

The materials used are a special feature. The table, the worktop in the kitchen and the sink are made of the acrylic-based mineral material Kerrock and come from the Slovenian company of the same name. Recycled plastic was used for the flooring, the headliner is covered with fabric, the upholstery is covered with a mixed Alcantara fabric.

Peugeot Boxer 4x4 Concept with Dangel four-wheel drive

Den All-wheel drive is also available for the standard Peugeot Boxer, it comes from the French 4x4 specialist Dangel and can be switched off on the road for pure front-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive conversion goes hand in hand with raising the chassis, the Peugeot Boxer 4x4 Concept has been lifted by 30 millimeters on the front axle and 50 millimeters on the rear axle.

Interior with light materials

Visually, the Peugeot Boxer 4x4 Concept differs from the production vehicle with the modified radiator grille with underrun protection. Also of interest is the sturdy, eight-legged roof rack in the style of an expedition vehicle, for which a ladder was permanently installed on the driver's side in front of the rear axle. The concept car drives a noble canoe made of walnut wood.

The designers have attached an e-bike to the rear of the Peugeot Boxer 4x4 Concept, but notany, but of course the own brand. As a special feature, the Peugeot EM02 FS carries the battery directly in the frame and thus looks slimmer than normal pedelecs, it also has full suspension.

Series production of the concept vehicle is not yet planned. Those who like the concept can, however, configure a similar vehicle from one of the numerous camping van manufacturers, some of which also offer the Dangel 4x4 conversion. At the CMT in Stuttgart, the Peugeot Boxer 4x4 Concept can be found in the outdoor area at booth MP22.


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