Opel Combo panel van (2019): data, pictures, market launch

New Opel Combo (2019)
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Opel developed the fifth combo generation together with PSA, we have already presented the car variant . Citroën Berlingo and P eugeot partners are the sister models of the small panel van. Opel supplies the combo in two lengths: the short version is 4.40 meters long, the long version is 4.75 meters.

Space for two Euro pallets

Two Euro pallets also load the short version one. A flap in the partition allows objects up to 3.09 meters long to fit into the transporter. For a surcharge, the version with rear wing doors has a roof flap for longer items such as ladders that can weigh up to 100 kilograms. The payload of 1,000 kilograms is optionally monitored by an overload indicator that will be available from 2019. Depending on the equipment, the short version packs up to 3.8 cubic meters. The wheelbase is 2.785 meters.

Up to five seats in the combo

The long version with 2.975 meters wheelbase offers a loading volume of up to 4.4 cubic meters and loads items of up to 3, 44 meters long. In addition to the two body variants, there are three seat variants: The Combo is available with two or three seats in the cabin and also with a second row of seats as a five-seater. The bench can be folded forward and the partition can be moved.

Raised construction site variant

Motors and gears correspond to those in the Combo Life. There is a three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 110 hp and two four-cylinder diesels with 102 and 130 hp. For an extra charge, the Combo has Intelligrip driving programs with characteristics for different surfaces. If you want to drive on construction sites, you can order a package that raises the body three centimeters and places it on larger wheels. The construction site package also includes stabilizers on the front and rear axles.

Camera rearview mirror and turning assistant

In addition to comfort features such as two-zone air conditioning and heated driver and passenger seats as well as the steering wheel, Opel offers various assistance systems that are supposed to help in everyday life. What is new is that theThe reversing camera can also be used as a replacement for the interior mirror: the camera constantly sends a picture to the monitor and shows an area of ​​four to 30 meters behind the car. A second camera in the passenger side mirror switches on as soon as the driver flashes to the right. This is how the driver sees into the blind spot. Sensors monitor the side and beep as soon as the car approaches a side obstacle. The Combo monitors the traffic ahead with a front collision warning system that recognizes pedestrians and automatically brakes. Other assistants help keep you in lane, recognize traffic signs and drowsiness.


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