Nissan NV Cargo X Van: Radical off-road box

Nissan NV Cargo X Van
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E in a large box van with all-wheel drive and powerful ground clearance: the dream for off-road fans traveling far away, but practically not available on the open market. Because for the manufacturers who calculate with a very sharp pen, especially for commercial vehicles, something like this is simply not worthwhile in series production. And with the Nissan NV Cargo X, too, it will probably stay with the one-off that was built for the upcoming auto show in Chicago.

Nissan NV Cargo X

After all, the project does what it should, namely once again attention to the NV Cargo from Nissan. The panel van in the approximate size of a Mercedes Sprinter has been on the market in the USA since 2011 and leads a certain exotic existence there among the widespread US brands. This may also be due to the fact that the designers were apparently all on vacation when developing the NV Cargo. In any case, hardly anyone will attest that the large box has a chic look, which is also quite feasible for panel vans.

At least not in series production. But the new conversion as Cargo X makes it clear once again: With large tires, you can trim any design, no matter how messed up, to suit the daylight. The look with the long nose, which should be mentioned as a small salvation of honor, 'owes' the Nissan NV Cargo to its platform donor. The substructure of the always 6.1 meter long van comes from the full-size pickup Nissan Titan. This brings extremely positive advantages for an off-road conversion, as you don't have to worry about the stability of the end product thanks to the robust ladder frame and the front axle conversion is significantly less complicated than with a self-supporting chassis.

Five-liter V8- Diesel

Instead of the standard front axle - the NV Cargo is only available ex works with rear-wheel drive - the project vehicle has a massive rigid axle from Dynatrac, garnished with long-stroke spring struts and equipped with 37-inch off-road tires. 30 centimeters of ground clearance is a word, five liters too. This is how much displacement the Cummins V8 diesel has under the long bonnet, which has been married to a six-speed Aisin automatic. 310 PS, 746 Newton meters of torque - if you are out and about with the NV Cargo X, you definitely don't have to grumble about too little muscle.

The remaining ingredients on the 2.33 meter high off-road box are befitting: a specially made one and tube construction that doesn't necessarily seem oversized replaces the original bumper. she offersSpace for a 4.5 ton winch. Three work lights on the A-pillar provide a clear view in the dark, the beadlock rims for easy use with low air pressure. Also on board - for whatever reason - a mobile welding machine as well as traction plates, a hi-lift and an air compressor. The Chicago Auto Show will take place February 11-20.


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