Nissan Frontier Nismo: accessories for adventurers

For model year 2022, after 17 years, Nissan has again included a Frontier in the model range in the USA. House tuner Nismo is now presenting its range of accessories for the new pick-up.

The new Nissan Frontier is the US counterpart of the Navara we know. The Frontier marks the pick-up middle class in America and relies on completely different technology in its new edition. The Japanese show at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff/Arizona what potential Nissan sees beyond the production model. In addition, Nissan house tuner Nismo - yes, they can not only be faster - launched a new range of accessories for the Frontier, which is specifically aimed at customers who like to take their pick-up off-road terrain under the wheels.

If the journey takes you far away from inhabited areas, it can get really dark at night. LED auxiliary headlights mounted in front of the A-pillars can do a good job here. The four-inch spots come on stable brackets and in a robust aluminum housing. Designed to be particularly energy-saving, they should provide plenty of light without putting excessive strain on the on-board system.

Bed Rack with roof tent

The Overland Bed Rack structure above the loading area is available in different heights. Made of powder-coated steel, it is supported on the side tail lifts and accommodates all kinds of accessories such as shovels or sand boards on the flanks. A roof tent module can be mounted on top. This can be folded out over the roof area and offers space for two residents. Made of ripstop polyester, it is robust and waterproof. Three windows ensure proper ventilation. The package also includes a mattress, a transport cover and an aluminum telescopic ladder for climbing up to the rooftop retreat. With a weight of around 50 kilograms, the tent can be loaded with up to 270 kilograms. The footprint is given as 2.40 x 1.40 meters. The middle height with almost 1.30 meters.

But Nismo parts can also be installed on the pick-up itself. An exhaust system made of stainless steel ensures a more sonorous sound, while a chrome-plated tailpipe trim with lasered Nismo lettering adds a touch of sportiness.

A robust front bumper with massive towing eyes and additional headlights were already available. Special off-road tires, a raised off-road chassis and little things like hub and valve covers with the Nismo logo. The new Nismo parts should be available in the US from the beginning of 2022. Prices have not yet been mentioned.,


Nissan house tuner Nismo not only supplies parts that make you faster. Nismo has also developed accessories for off-road excursions for the Frontier.


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