Nissan Caravan: 2 camper studies for Tokyo

At the Tokyo Auto Salon tuning fair in January 2022, Nissan is showing the possible uses of the NV350 van. Sometimes as a luxurious retreat, sometimes as a robust mobile workplace.

In Europe, Nissan's range of commercial vehicles is based on the Renault Master, Trafic and Kangoo models. In its home market, Nissan has its own van in its range, the NV350 Caravan. And Nissan uses it every year to show other possible uses at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The Japanese are bringing the Caravan Mountain Base and Caravan Myroom concepts to the 2022 trade fair.

Workplace for outdoorsmen

With the Mountain Base Concept, Nissan shows how a mobile workplace can be set up. However, the Mountain Base is not simply a mobile office; as a base camp, it is intended to allow working far away from urban areas. For autonomy in terms of energy supply, the roof was equipped with a large pivoting solar panel. All panes in the cargo area were also replaced by solar cell modules. Inside, a fully equipped work station awaits. Opposite a continuous bench in the cargo area is a large table that grows out of a wall module and thus dispenses with bothersome legs. A huge touchscreen is integrated into the wall panel above. The front bulkhead of the load compartment is equipped with a wardrobe system to which items of equipment can be easily hung. A digital fireplace, also mounted on the front wall, is intended to provide a mountain hut atmosphere together with the wood look of most surfaces. The basic structures of the wall paneling, which come from the 3D printer, add a dash of high-tech.

The wood look of the interior is taken up by a corresponding paint finish on the body flanks. The wheel arches are fitted with light-alloy rims fitted with coarsely profiled off-road tires. There is also an LED light bar above the windscreen.

Mobile quiet zone

The Myroom concept shows a completely different approach. This is not about mobile working, but about mobile relaxation - for example on a weekend trip or after a long day at work. The loading space of the caravan is set up accordingly as a lounge. A sofa on the front wall invites you to linger. Further back you can relax or sleep on a bed. When not in use, it can simply be folded up against the wall. The other ambience is determined by bookshelves and shelves as well as a light panel on the ceiling. Entertainment systems of any kind that are otherwise readily installed cannot be seen in the preview images. This is obviously about peace and seclusion. Externally, the Nissan Caravan remains unchanged except for Myroom stickers.

In Japan, the Nissan Caravan is available in different wheelbases with two 2.5-liter diesel and petrol engines. The power is between 130 and around 150 hp. The rear wheels are driven. Gear changes are incumbent on either an automatic or a manual five-speed gearbox.


At the Tokyo Auto Salon, Nissan is showing optional uses for its NV350 van with the Myroom and Mountain Base studies.


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