MTU hybrid mining truck concept

MTU has developed a system for hybridizing dump trucks. With the same power of up to 2,500 hp, consumption should drop by 30 percent.

Vehicles whose fuel consumption is calculated in tons per day are particularly grateful for alternative drive concepts. The world's largest wheeled vehicles work in opencast mines and in huge mines, so-called dump trucks with machines with displacements of more than 50 liters.

For this application, Rolls-Royce Powersystems has developed a hybrid concept under the MTU brand that can also electrify such dump trucks. In principle, the solution works like a hybrid car, but on an XXL scale. The concept that the company is now presenting at the Mine-Expo 2021 trade fair consists of a diesel engine with a reduced displacement and the MTU EnergyPacks, a battery storage system.

In the video: How a Liebherr dump truck is made

In the application, a Liebherr dump truck is shown as an example, the original MTU 16V-4000 engine (76,265 cubic centimeters displacement, 2,536 hp output) is replaced by a "smaller" machine. The hybrid system uses an MTU 16V-2000 diesel unit with a displacement of 31.8 liters and a maximum output of 1,544 hp. In connection with the e-storage, the hybrid system performance should still correspond to the conventional version.

Up to 30 percent fuel savings

With this solution, large battery packs are installed on the respective dump truck, which are charged via recuperation when driving downhill in the mines. The general structure of large dump trucks is advantageous for the system, because in these vehicles the wheel drive is electric anyway, with the diesel engine serving as a power generator. In this way, the energy stored in the batteries can be used for the drive in parallel with that from the diesel engine. In simulations with this system, Rolls-Royce Power Systems has calculated fuel savings of 20 to 30 percent, depending on the topography at the place of use.

In addition, Rolls-Royce is developing a new generation of the 2000 and 4000 series for mining use, which can be operated with sustainable fuels. The development should be completed here by 2023. These solutions will also be presented at the fair.

In the picture gallery we show you the construction of a Liebherr dump truck (albeit still conventionally powered) for the Bauma trade fair in Munich - quite spectacular!


Rolls-Royce Powersystems has developed a hybrid concept in which huge mining trucks are equipped with smaller and therefore more efficient diesel engines. Supported by storage batteries, which are charged via recuperation when driving downhill, up to 30 percent lower consumption should be possible.


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