Mitsubishi Triton Absolute: L200 show car in Ford Raptor style

Mitsubishi Triton Absolute
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I n Bangkok is currently hosting the International Auto Show. The number of premieres relevant for Europe is manageable. And yet a car is being presented in Thailand's capital that makes pickup fans here too prick up their ears: Mitsubishi is showing the Triton Absolute, a show car that could anticipate a hardcore version of the Japanese truck known in Germany as the L200. In a way, a counterpart to the Ford F-150 Raptor.

Planks, underrun protection, carbon loading flap

With the Bangkok premiere, Mitsubishi primarily wants the off-road capabilities of the recently refreshed Triton aka L200 turn outside. That is why the Absolute has protective planking on the surface and underrun protection plates with red accentuations on the underbody. Mitsubishi has redesigned the loading flap, now made of carbon, as well as the lighting system with numerous LED spots above the windshield. There are also handles over the doors, wider fenders and a dark grille.

The Japanese have also optimized the chassis for off-road capabilities. The track is wider than that of the normal L200 in order to be able to accommodate robust off-road wheels including Falken Wildpeak tires in the recesses provided. The chassis not only raises the body by 50 millimeters, but also enables significantly longer suspension travel than the production car.

Improved mechanical durability

As for the technology, Mitsubishi only reveals that the mechanical durability in the Compared to the standard L200 has been improved. However, it can be assumed that a series engine will be used in the Mitsubishi Triton Absolute. In Germany there is the pickup with a 2.4-liter turbodiesel in two power levels (154 and 181 hp).

According to reports, the production chances of the Triton /L200 Absolute are not that bad. After the world premiere in their home country (the car will be built in Thailand) Mitsubishi wants to present the show car at other auto shows and other events in order to test audience reactions. If these are positive, the robust journeyman could actually come onto the market soon.


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