Mercedes Vito 2020: Upgrade for the Transporter, also in the E version

Mercedes Vito 2020
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D he Mercedes Vito is the commercial vehicle brother of the Mercedes V-Class. Now Mercedes has also extensively revised this transporter series.

Electric version can travel up to 421 km

The highlight of the refreshed model range is likely to be the new Vito Tourer with a purely electric drive. The eVito baptized people carrier (maximum 9 seats) comes with a 150 kW and 362 Nm electric motor (continuous output 70 kW) that drives the front wheels and has a range of up to 421 kilometers. The energy is stored in a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery with 90 kWh usable capacity in the underbody of the vehicle. The maximum speed of 140 km /h is standard, up to 160 km /h is possible as an option. The series is an 11 kW onboard charger. It takes just under ten hours to fill the battery. If the eVito is docked at a 110 kW fast charging station, up to 80 percent of the capacity should be ready after 45 minutes. On an 80 kW charger, this takes about 80 minutes. Three driving programs allow the pilot to choose between maximum comfort and maximum range.

The Mercedes eVito Van can be ordered in two different lengths: one with a total length of 5,140 millimeters and as an extra-long version that measures 5,370 Millimeters is coming.

New diesel, air suspension and assistants

Another new feature in the Vito Transporter with rear-wheel drive is the optimized OM654 turbodiesel with four cylinders and two-liter displacement. It is available in four power levels with 102 PS /270 Nm, 136 PS /330 Nm, 163 PS /380 Nm and 190 PS /440 Nm. All-wheel drive is available as an option. As an alternative to the manual six-speed gearbox, the new nine-speed automatic with two drive programs, which replaces the version with seven speed levels, can also be ordered at an additional cost. The Airmatic air suspension with level control can now be ordered in combination with the OM654.


New top model is the Vito 124 CDI, which is available as a Vito Tourer and a Vito Mixto with passenger car registration. Here a 239 hp and 500 Nm strong two-liter turbo diesel works under the hood. With overboost, even 30 Nm more can be achieved for a short time. The power diesel turns the van into a sprinter. It goes to 100 km /h in just 7.9 seconds, the top speed is 210 km /h.

At the base, there is still front-wheel drive in combination with a 1.7-liter turbo diesel, the it is available in the power levels 102 HP /270 Nm and 136 HP /330 Nm. Only a manual six-speed gearshift is available here.

There is also a refreshed infotainment portfolio with expanded interfaces, more telematics functions, new surfaces and seat covers in the interior as well as an expanded range of assistance systems. The package now also includes an active brake assistant, cruise control and a digital interior mirror. The appearance of the radiator grille on the Vito changes, but it is linked to certain equipment.

The refreshed Vito models can be ordered from April 1, 2020. Prices start at 18,990 euros (excluding 16% VAT. ) for a Vito panel van from the Worker equipment line. The eVito Tourer will follow in summer 2020 and will then cost from EUR 53,990 (excluding 16% VAT). It includes a maintenance package for four years and a battery certificate for 160,000 kilometers or eight years.


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