Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 (2022): All information, data, photos

Mercedes brings a new two-liter standard engine for all Sprinters. In addition, the all-wheel drive variants get a completely new technology, the reduction gear is history.

All-wheel drive van - that's no longer an exotic number. Whether for construction site vehicles or in the field of recreational vehicles, many customers ask for high-traction large-capacity boxes. With the all-wheel drive Sprinter, Mercedes has a certain advantage over the competition, since the superior drive concept can be offered ex works. The "triplets" Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citro├źn Jumper, on the other hand, require a complex conversion of the base vehicle at a French specialist company .

For the 2018 newly introduced third generation , Mercedes temporarily continued to use the all-wheel drive technology of its predecessor, a switch-on 4x4 with the unusual solution of sending only 35 percent of the drive power to the front axle. In addition, a reduction gear could be ordered for the new all-wheel drive Sprinter , with 1.4:1 not really a short translation, but still.

Engine and automatic from the car shelf

It's now time to say goodbye to both, the reason is the switch to an old acquaintance from the car shelf: In the future, the current OM 654 diesel engine will drive all Sprinter variants in different power levels . The previous four-cylinder OM 651 with a displacement of 2,143 cc is retiring, as is the fine three-liter V6 OM 642. The new two-liter comes in the non-electrified version with 1,950 cc, the expensive variant with starter generator and longer stroke remains reserved for cars. It has recently been used for the rear-wheel drive Sprinters and is now taking over the entire range, including the front and all-wheel drive Sprinters.

With the new two-liter oil engine, the previous seven-speed automatic is also retiring. As an alternative to the standard six-speed manual transmission, the more modern 9G-Tronic will serve as a comfort option in the future. With the OM 654, Mercedes covers the previously available performance levels with 114, 150, 170 and 190 hp. The variants with 143 and 163 hp are no longer available. The electrically selectable reduction gear will also be omitted in the future. In the future, instead of the reduction, the torque converter automatic transmission will ensure a corresponding increase in torque. It's also standard when ordering all-wheel drive, as is the 190 hp power level. The weaker engine variants could also be ordered for the previous Sprinter 4x4.

All-wheel drive with automatic torque distribution

Not only with the engine and automatic transmission, but also with the all-wheel drive for the new Sprinter vintage, Mercedes reached into the car shelf. A torque-on-demand system was found there, in which the torque is automatically and continuously distributed between the front and rear axles via an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch.There are no options for the driver to intervene, but two disadvantages of the previous system have been eliminated: the old all-wheel drive "sang" clearly and could not react optimally on very slippery surfaces in the limit area due to the rigid distribution of power. The new lamella all-wheel drive can now do this more smoothly, safely and quietly.

Mercedes has not yet announced prices for the new Sprinter 4x4, but the order books should already be open in September. The fact that it is cheaper than before to equip the large box with all-wheel drive would be desirable in view of the new large-scale production technology, so far the surcharge was over 10,000 euros only for the switch-4x4.


It was to be expected that the wonderful three-liter V6 would be retired, but it should hurt comfort-conscious customers in the motorhome sector in particular. It will be exciting to see whether the modern four-cylinder OM 654 passenger car can meet the demands of such customers in its 190 hp variant in a heavy commercial vehicle ambience. The new all-wheel drive, on the other hand, promises a more efficient and harmonious way of working.


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