Mercedes Metris Toolbox Concept

Mercedes Metris Toolbox Concept
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D he Mercedes V-Class can be a veritable luxury liner for the extended family , a practical recreational vehicle or a real craftsman's mobile. What the latter could look like for the US market, Mercedes is now showing with the Metris Toolbox Concept study at the Chicago Auto Show.

Gullwing door for the cargo area

A classic model is used as the model for the study Toolbox. In the loading area on the left in the direction of travel, the van was fitted with a large wing door that extends far into the roof and swings upwards. This then gives generous access to the cargo space. There are various storage compartments at working height. The sliding door remains on the right-hand side of the vehicle. The interior is equipped with cabinet modules on this side. The load compartment floor is protected by a special floor covering that can also be easily removed for cleaning. The demarcation to the driver's cab was made transparent, so the driver always has everything in view.

Protector elements on the sills, the roof, the rear doors, the rear bumper corners and the wheel arches that prevent the consequences of to protect small bumps. The rims also received a special craft design. A nice gag is the indicated handle on the roof of the van, which rounds off the impression of a toolbox.

The Metris truck is powered by a two-liter, four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 211 hp, which is powered by a seven-speed automatic transmission drives the rear wheels.

The show truck was built together with the US Mercedes tuner RennTech.


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