Megarexx Megaraptor based on Ford Super Duty pickups

The US company Megarexx converts the super-duty pickups from Ford into the Megaraptor. The colossus with V8 diesel is now available in a particularly family-friendly variant.

In the small town of Wilmington, located in the US state of North Carolina, you can still see real dinosaurs. They have four deep-treaded wheels, come from a local company called Megarexx Trucks and are based on the pickups from the Super Duty series from Ford. These are the ones located above the F-150, equipped with rigid axles and special thick flatbed trucks , which are particularly popular with craftsmen and are valued as towing vehicles due to their power and robustness.

Megarexx calls its product Megaraptor, which is not only logical because of its own brand name and the reference to Ford's regular Raptor models. The device, the second generation of which has been on the market since 2021 (it made its debut in 2016), is significantly higher than a standard Ford F-250, F-350 or F-450. The lift kit with longer Bilstein shock absorbers alone contributes up to ten centimetres. The rest is taken care of by the wheels, which consist of three-piece 20-inch MRAP rims with scratch protection and Michelin XZL tires in 395/85 R20 format. Overall, the wheel and tire combination has an incredible 46 inches (1.17 meters) in diameter.

Only with power-stroke turbo diesel

Megarexx envisages a V8 engine – befitting its status. Under the hood, the 6.7-liter power-stroke turbo diesel does its job reliably. The diesel is factory 482 hp and a maximum of 1,424 Newton meters strong and connected to a ten-speed automatic. Increases in performance are generally possible, but are not explicitly listed as a change by Megarexx. The exhaust system is just as adjusted as the braking system or the final drive ratio. The chassis is also reinforced in some places.

So that the optics correspond to the power, Megarexx attaches a body kit made of glass fiber reinforced plastic to the expansive body of the Ford F-250, which widens by almost 46 centimeters as a result. New fenders with wide wheel arches accommodate the huge wheels; For reasons of space, the entire front axle has also been shifted forward by 3.8 centimetres.

Bonnet with a show effect

The front strengthens the US troops with a steel skeleton that carries the entire front end including the headlights. When open, this folds forward as a whole – like a heavy US truck with a front hood – and is then held in place by massive nitrogen gas pressure dampers and fittings made from anodized aluminum. In addition, Megarexx donated new lights at both ends of the truck and a different radiator grille with an additional LED light strip in the lower area.

Customers for whom the design does not yet look martial enough can increase the visual aggression level for an additional charge. There is a choice of bumpers and underride protection elements in different variants, a front bar, electrically operated steps or a roll bar for the loading area, which can be upgraded with a spare wheel carrier. The offer also includes additional headlights and work lights, winches for the front and rear, a tailgate with Megaraptor lettering and an additional fuel tank that is positioned under the truck bed.

As a Megaraptor 7 with seven seats

If you want, you can also treat yourself to a particularly family-friendly version of the tuning pick-up. As a Megaraptor 7, it has an additional foldable bench seat on the loading area that comes from the Ford Expedition and thus the number of seats mentioned in the name. To protect the passengers in the third row from the weather, a fiberglass hardtop stretches over new steel roll bars. That can be removed, however, making the Megaraptor 7, built on a Ford F-250 4x4 with a lavishly outfitted lariat outfit and crew cab, a pretty off-road capable semi-convertible. Up front in the cabin there are leather bucket seats in both rows.

Compared to the Megaraptor in the classic pick-up guise, the seven-seater is technically adapted. Megarexx has upgraded the chassis on the front axle with Icon coil springs and hydraulic King shock absorbers. Adapted leaf springs are used at the rear. As a result, it grows between 11.4 and 12.7 centimeters in height. The chassis is also reinforced with new wishbones, tie rods and stabilizers. In addition, there is a speedometer with new calibration and an electronically adapted accelerator pedal, which should react more spontaneously to commands.

Each car is a one-off production

Megarexx does not name a price for its Megaraptor, which the troop only offers as a complete conversion, either for the normal pick-up or for the seven-seater. That doesn't make any sense either, say the Americans, since every car is a one-off production that is optimally tailored to the respective customer requirements. In any case, it won't be cheap: the deposit alone to secure a place on the waiting list is $5,000 (currently the equivalent of a good 4,600 euros). If the production of your own pick-up is then due, 50 percent of the total amount is due. Patience is also required: it takes two to three months for the Megaraptor to be completed.


If you think cars like the Megarexx Megaraptor are outdated, you're probably right. Nevertheless, the conversion shows what is technically possible when designers go to extremes.


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