MAN TGE Transporter: The brother of the VW Crafter

MAN TGE Transporter
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M AN is known for its heavy trucks, but is also a subsidiary of the VW group. So it makes sense to use the mother to add to your own portfolio. While the MAN world previously started with a gross vehicle weight rating of 7.5 tonnes, the new TGE has lowered the entry barrier to 3.0 tonnes. With the twin version of the Crafter, the range now ranges from 3.0 to 44 tons.

With the TGE, MAN becomes a full-service provider for commercial vehicles.

MAN TGE in many variants

Since the TGE and the Crafter are practically one, the range of products is largely the same. The TGE is available as a closed box van, a glazed station wagon and a chassis with a single or double cabin. There is a choice of two wheelbases, three roof heights and three vehicle lengths for the new MAN TGE. The vehicle lengths of the panel vans range from 5,983 mm to 6,833 mm to the 7,388 millimeter long MAN TGE with a large overhang. The vehicle heights are 2,340 mm, 2,575 mm and 2,800 millimeters. With the appropriate combination, this results in a maximum cargo space volume of 18.3 cubic meters. In terms of total weight, the TGE covers the range from 3.0 to 5.5 tons.

Front, rear or all-wheel drive are available. The engine range includes four two-liter turbo diesels with outputs of 102, 122, 140 and 177 hp. Shifting can be done with either a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic.

MAN E-TGE is cheaper

In the meantime, the TGE - like the Crafter - is also available in one Electric version. The engine of the MAN E-TGE has an output of 100 kW /136 PS, delivers a maximum torque of 290 Newton meters and transfers its power to the front wheels. The top speed is limited to 90 km /h. The one installed under the loading floorThe 35.8 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery should not have a negative impact on the loading volume and payload. The 3.5 ton version can load 975 kilograms. However, the E-TGE is only available in a body variant with a length of 5,983 mm and a height of 2,590 mm. MAN specifies the WLTP range at 110 to 115 kilometers. The battery can be charged on a wallbox with 7.2 kilowatts and by direct current fast charging with up to 40 kW. It takes about 45 minutes to bring the battery capacity back to 80 percent.

MAN Truck and Bus
Thanks to the price reduction, the MAN E-TGE will from now on benefit from state e-car subsidies.

MAN has now re-priced the electric version. The transporter now costs 53,900 euros net, which, including VAT, corresponds to 64,141 euros. This means that it is now eligible for funding, since according to the latest plans of the federal government, electric cars costing up to 65,000 euros will in future receive state funding. MAN E-TGE buyers can save an additional 5,000 euros in the future, which means that the “total cost of ownership” should be in the range of a diesel model MAN TGE includes an emergency braking assistant with city emergency braking function, a reversing assistant, a trailer maneuvering assistant, adaptive cruise control, drowsiness detection and multi-collision brake.

Sales of the MAN TGE started in March, production in April 2017. Market launch in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands followed two months later. The prices of the new TGE panel van start at 28,730 euros net with the 102 hp diesel entry-level engine. This makes the TGE almost 1,000 euros cheaper than the identical VW Crafter.


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