Kanye West sells his farm cars: Rapper seems to like Ford

US rapper Kanye West is selling the cars he had on his ranch in Wyoming. The vehicles clearly show West's taste.

US rapper, music producer and fashion designer Kanye West now calls himself Ye. In the US state of Wyoming, Ye owns two ranches: Monster Lake Ranch near the town of Cody and Bighorn Mountain Ranch near the town of Greybull. The 44-year-old singer is now selling the 1,573 hectare Monster Lake Ranch – he wants eleven million dollars for it (currently the equivalent of around 9.5 million euros). The ranch includes lakes teeming with fish, stables, a go-kart track and six rugged four-wheel drive cars, all of which look very alike. These cars are now for sale at Cody based auction house Musser Bros.

All Ford cars

At least in Wyoming, Ye seems to have a preference for one make of car: all the vehicles for sale are from Ford. And all the vehicles have matte black foiling. Upon request, the retailer will remove the foil after purchase for $250 (216 euros) per copy. The collection includes two Ford F-150 Raptors, one Ford F-250, one Ford F-350 and two Ford Expeditions. Ye had all the pickups outfitted with massive aftermarket CK FAB Bumpers cow catchers from Laurel, Montana, north of Wyoming, aftermarket wheels, and diesel tanks on the cargo beds for extra equipment.

From under 5,000 to over 130,000 kilometers

Ye allegedly brought the cars to a Ford dealership in Cody, who in turn hired Musser Bros. to auction the celebrity cars. The two sports pick-ups F-150 Raptor are from 2018 and 2019 and have 52,968 and 56,718 kilometers down respectively. Ye and his friends must have been particularly fond of his 2017 Ford F-250 SRW 4x4 XLT – he already has 130,112 kilometers on the clock. Ye drove a similar distance with his even larger 2016 F-350 SRW 4x4 Lariat Crew Cab: the speedometer reads 127,614. The Expedition XLT Max 4x4 from 2020, on the other hand, is almost new. The large SUV has only driven 4,514 kilometers so far. The second Expedition is also from 2020. The mileage of the Limited Stealth Edition model is 10,742.

With celebrity bonus

The cars make a very neat visual impression. In addition, the celebrity bonus seems to be taking hold: The bids are currently between 30,250 dollars (26,142 euros) for the much-driven F-350 and 62,515 dollars (54,025 euros) for the 2019 F-150 Raptor . The auction runs until November 23, 2021.

On to Malibu

We don't know whether Ye aka Kanye West's taste in cars has changed. Maybe he's just adapting to his respective abodes. In the meantime, he has acquired another property on the beach in Malibu, California.An old VW Bulli? An old Mercedes 300 TD station wagon with wide Turbodiesel lettering on the right of the tailgate? Or a new Lamborghini? Should Ye choose cars that go with California for his Malibu residence, he won't get off as cheaply as he can with his Monster Lake Ranch fleet in Wyoming.


It's always exciting to learn about celebrities' taste in cars. Just recently, the actor Tim Allen, known from the US TV series "Listen, Who's Hammering", sold his Ford GT for one million dollars . Kanye West, now Ye, has stocked up on four-wheel drive vehicles to go with his Wyoming estate — and with the sale of the ranch, he's also selling his fleet.

These include two Ford F-150 Raptors, one F-250, one F-350 and two Ford Expedition. All vehicles have the four-wheel drive that makes sense for a ranch. Ye shows a bit of nonconformist rappership by having all of his ranch cars wrapped in black wrap. Also, all have aftermarket wheels and the pickups push massive bullbars into the wind. The prices for the vehicles are already skyrocketing, so the Kanye West name makes for a celebrity bonus.


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