JB Car Design Ram 1500 Limited: Really so cheap to run

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JB Car Design Ram 1500 Limited
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Anyone who claims that the tuning industry is only about making strong cars even stronger from the start is the one wrong. Sometimes it is also important to ensure the most universal application possible. In fact, there are certainly few situations with which the R on 1500 Limited won't finish. The modified pick-up looks as if the driver doesn't get any noticeable movement even when a small car is rolled down.

Cable winch pulls six tons

The ram stands on 22-inch wheels and stretches three inches higher in the air than the production version. There is also an underrun protection for the engine and adapted front and rear bumpers. In order to compensate for any imbalances caused by the load or vertical load, the tuner from Alsdorf donates a remote-controlled air suspension on the rear axle for 1,870 euros. If the maximum pulling force of 3.5 tons on the trailer coupling is not enough, you can use the electric winch on the front. It pulls a whopping six tons. Additional lights, a steel cage over the loading area, wheel spacers and the special paint 'Stone Crunch' round off the martial appearance.

JB Car Design
Thanks to an extensive cavity seal, customers should be protected from rust for a long time.

But is the Ram really that brutal? Someone who mercilessly burns money and resources on his way over hill and dale? Not at all. JB Car Design not only takes care of the rust resistance through a complete cavity sealing. Sustainable operation in everyday life should also be achieved through theInstallation of an LPG gas system can be guaranteed. With two built-in tanks, the Ram should be able to cover a range of 2,000 kilometers - at a tank-filling price of 100 to 150 euros. In addition, there is the pickup approval, which caps the tax amount at 198 euros per year. Not bad for such a colossus with 400 hp and 5.7 liter Hemi V8. However, the Ram is only economical in the medium term, because initially it would like to be sold with 120,000 euros at JB Car Design.


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