Iveco Tigrotto: Nothing can stop this truck

Iveco has presented a concept vehicle based on the Daily 4x4. The Tigrotto comes with massive ground clearance, huge tires and a classy finish.

Boom economico was the name of the economic miracle in Italy when the change to an industrial society with sharply increasing prosperity was completed in the 1950s and 1960s. One of the literal engines for this at the time was the popular Tigrotto truck from the manufacturer OM (Officine Meccaniche Fabbrica Bresciana Automobili). The Tigrotto series competed in the medium-heavy class with payloads of between four and six tons and transported practically everything that could be transported in countless body variants.

That as an introductory history lesson and derivation of the new show car Iveco Tigrotto, which refers to the legendary ancestor in Italy. The manufacturer OM had already merged with Iveco in 1975, and now they took this hero of the Italian upswing as a model to make an Iveco Daily 4x4 considerably coarser.

Homage to a famous predecessor

Tigrotto 70S18H WX is the full name of the platform truck presented at the Commercial Vehicle IAA in Hanover, but Iveco does not provide an explanation of the meaning of this designation. The basis of the Tigrotto is the Daily 4x4, which is already generously dimensioned in the standard version and is available as a panel van or with a platform body and a total weight of up to seven tons.

,The well-behaved robust truck became a hardcore all-terrain vehicle with a classy finish. A four-tone paint finish keeps everything underneath the body (frame, axles, wheel decorations) red, while the body is three-tone. The loading area, which has a glossy finish on the outside, is crowned by a roll bar that carries auxiliary LED headlights. The loading area itself is covered with real chestnut wood in a yacht look, so you certainly don't want to load bags of cement or the like.

Substantially raised

That would be a bit tedious anyway, because the loading sill is at chest height, just climbing up quickly becomes a fitness exercise. The reason for this is the lavish elevation of the already not flimsy basic daily via spacers in the suspension, so you can also take the additional boarding aid under the cabin with you on the way to the upper floor.

The ascent to work at a lofty height is definitely worthwhile, because the designers have also made the Tigrotto pretty on the inside. Not so much on the floor, where the standard robust rubber mat still guarantees easy cleaning, but on the individual seats upholstered with quilted brown leather and the three-tone high-gloss painted dashboard.

Technically, the Tigrotto can draw on unlimited resources for off-road excursions. It is powered by the F1C.129 diesel, a three-liter engine with 176 hp and 430 Newton meters of torque. A transfer case for permanent all-wheel drive with off-road reduction is subordinate to the manual transmission. The three differential locks in the transfer case and the two axles are activated at the touch of a button if things get really tough. And when it comes to ground clearance, you don't have to worry about the Tigrotto anyway.


Even if the Iveco Tigrotto remains a one-off, the conversion shows the potential of the Iveco Daily 4x4. Even the basic version, with its frame construction and extremely robust chassis, is unrivaled among light commercial vehicles. With the Tigrotto show car, Iveco is now showing that the off-road specialist can also be dressed up nicely.


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