IVECO S-Way TurboStar special model: Back to the 80s

Commercial vehicle manufacturer IVECO pays homage to the original TurboStar from the 1980s with the TurboStar S-Way special model.

With the TurboStar, IVECO launched a pioneering truck in the 1980s. More than 50,000 customers across Europe opted for the TurboStar, which at the time was also available with a 420 hp V8. Now IVECO would like to remember this bestseller and is launching a TurboStar special model from the current S-Way.,

The IVECO S-Way TurboStar special model is equipped with a 570 hp Cursor 13 engine, a long rear axle ratio of 2 31:1, an automated 12-speed Hi-Tronix transmission, a roof and side spoiler, full LED headlights, driving style analysis and driver support, integrated tire pressure monitoring, fully automatic air conditioning and an auxiliary air conditioning system. The connectivity of the TurboStar is also modern. These include an infotainment system with satellite navigation, the IVECO Driver Pal, a 4G connectivity box and IVECO Hi-Cruise.

Retro references inside and out

The visual connection to the original TurboStar creates the styling of the special model. The 80s look was reinterpreted and modernized. The two-tone red and metallic gray remain style-defining in the new edition. The classic IVECO colors from that time – yellow, red and blue – are used along the cab, adapted to the shape of the S-WAY. In addition, IVECO installed chrome bars on the roof spoiler and the side spoilers behind the driver's cab and below the side paneling on the S-Way. There are also chrome rims and door handles. The TurboStar's specially designed rear window grille has been replicated on the side panel of the cab. The special model is also equipped with a painted radiator grille and rear view mirror covers as well as a front protection bar on the bumper and a headlight bar on the roof.,

The vintage look of the original TurboStar can also be found in the interior, albeit with a modern interpretation. The seats are upholstered in red velvet, the same material used in the original TurboStar. Light gray seams set accents here. The inserts on the dashboard recall the original logo embroidered on the seats, upholstery and mattress, as well as the satin chrome of the glove box.

The S-WAY TurboStar special model made its first public appearance last weekend at the Italian Grand Prix of the FIA ​​European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) 2021 in Misano.


With the TurboStar special model, commercial vehicle manufacturer IVECO is reminiscent of its bestseller of the same name from the 1980s. But the new one only looks old because of its styling.


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