Hyundai Staria Children: Korea School Bus

Hyundai also offers the new Staria minibus in Korea as a student shuttle with up to 15 seats. Appropriately, the school bus is called the Hyundai Staria children.

With the Staria, Hyundai is back on the flexible minibus market. The successor to the H-1 is modern and has a wide range. The portfolio of the Koreans includes the Staria as a chic passenger transporter and as a heavy-duty commercial vehicle Staria Load .,

To have two variants

In Korea, the new Staria is now treading another career path. As Staria Kinder - yes, that's actually his name - he starts teaching. The Staria Kinder is designed as a school shuttle and can transport between eleven and 15 school children, depending on the seating. Each seat is equipped with a height-adjustable belt so that everyone is seated securely. In addition, the children's version is equipped with all available safety systems.,

And of course the Staria children is wrapped in a classic school bus color - yellow. There are also warning lights in roof bars above the front and rear windows. Another warning light on the driver's side secures students getting on and off the road. There is also an optional lowerable entry platform.

Only with a V6 engine

The Hyundai Staria Kinder in Korea is only available with the 3.5-liter V6 combustion engine, which is designed to run on LPG. The approximately 240 hp unit shovels its drive torque to the front wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Koreans call the equivalent of around 25,100 euros for the eleven-seater and around 27,000 euros for the children with 15 seats as the basic price for the Hyundai Staria children.

In the photo show we show the normal Staria.


In South Korea, the new Hyundai bus Staria is now also making a career as a school shuttle. Appropriately, this variant is called Staria Children.


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