HVS HGV truck: fuel cell for long distances

Another truck supplier sees hydrogen as the future energy source. A fuel cell should make the HGV semi-trailer suitable for long-distance journeys.

The British company HVS (Hydrogen Vehicle Systems), founded in Glasgow in 2017, wants to enter the electric truck market. Now HVS has presented its plans to revolutionize the transport industry. The focus is on green hydrogen as an energy source.

Scalable platform

As a first glimpse of the revolution, the British are showing a 5.5-ton truck that relies on a drive combination of fuel cells and electric motors. With this technology demonstrator, however, HVS only emphasizes the particularly aerodynamically shaped cabin, which is said to offer a great deal of space and comfort thanks to the space-saving electric drive train. However, the British have so far largely failed to provide technical data. The small truck is powered by a 50 kW fuel cell, while the large articulated lorry is to be powered by 200 kW. ,

For the upcoming 40-ton semitrailer, a range of 500 kilometers with a hydrogen tank filling is also promised, as well as refueling times that should correspond to those of diesel trucks. The upcoming 4x2 tractors are also planned as left-hand drive vehicles for international markets. Likewise, a pure chassis, which is to be offered to special body manufacturers.

As a hydrogen supplier - at least for the British market - HVS says it has already won the gas station and food company EG Group. The British have not yet submitted a further timetable. ,


With HVS (Hydrogen Vehicle Systems), another small provider is trying to stir up the transport industry with a fuel cell concept. But even with this concept, the nationwide supply of cheap green hydrogen is simply missing.


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