Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Event Series

The Monster Trucks are flying again through the large multi-purpose halls and sports arenas of the USA. There are two new models - and for the first time a woman is behind the wheel.

We children of the eighties and nineties experience them again and again. The moments when we think about the events that were cool at the time and drew us in front of the TV or even to the venues. wrestling Timbersports. Or monster trucks. Sometimes those moments are followed by the thought, "Seriously, people still care today!?" This was also the case this time when the news reached us: After their Corona break, the monster trucks are flying through the large multi-purpose halls and sports arenas of the USA again.

On September 18th, the "Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live" tour will start its new season at the Toyota Center in Ontario (California, not Canada). And with some innovations. In addition to the well-known monster trucks "Bone Shaker", "Tiger Shark", "V8 Bomber" and "Demo Derby", the models "Mega Wrex" and "Race Ace" will make their debut at the event. In addition, for the first time an offshoot of the legendary "Bigfoot" monster truck is part of the game; he is nicknamed "Midwest Madness". In addition, a woman is behind the wheel for the first time: Rebecca Schnell shares the crusher with her husband Darren.

"Bigfoot" is part of the party for the first time

Matching the Ford pickup body from the 1970s, Bigfoot (according to expert websites it is number 21 in the gallery of ancestors established in 1979) is powered by a 9.4 liter Ford V8 . However, in order to achieve an output of 1,521 hp, a BDS 871 blower compressor is also required. An Abruzzi two-speed gearbox distributes the drive power to the four tailor-made 25-inch rims, which are connected to the axles based on ZF parts via custom-made wheel suspension and shock absorbers. The suspension travel is almost 51 centimeters at the front and 66 centimeters at the rear. The remaining energy is absorbed by the 66 inch (1.68 meter) high and 43 inch (1.09 meter wide) Firestone tires.

The new Bigfoot shares the basic technical data with the second newcomer to the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour field, Race Ace. This also delivers 1,521 hp, although the 8.8-liter engine is derived from a Chevrolet engine. Both models are the same length (6.10 metres), the same height (3.20 metres) and the same width (3.56 metres). The only difference is the wheelbase: the Bigfoot is 3.53 meters, while the Race Ace is 3.78 meters. In terms of spring travel (61 centimeters at the front, 76 centimeters at the rear), it also saddles up compared to the classic.

"Mega Wrex" in a dinosaur outfit

The other new addition is called "Mega Wrex" and comes in a dinosaur outfit. That fits, because the device goes a step further in every respect.Its 9.3-liter engine from Brad Anderson Enterprises, which otherwise specializes in dragster engines, delivers an incredible 1,824 hp thanks to the Littlefield blower. The height and width are each 3.66 meters, while the suspension travel is 61 centimeters (front) and 71 centimeters (rear). The chassis, axles, wheel suspension and shock absorbers come from the monster truck experts at Patrick Enterprises Inc. It has a wheelbase of 3.66 meters and the two-speed transmission comes from the Powerglide series from Coan Racing.

Mega Wrex driver Rick Steffens will have to use all his skills to keep the destructive dino under his control. But he has time to get used to his new job: The "Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live" tour stops in a total of ten US cities. Main sponsor and organizer Hot Wheels promises "child-friendly family entertainment". And what was fun for us back then also inspires the youngsters of today, doesn't it?


Are events in which oversized cars with oversized wheels and oversized combustion engines jump through sports halls and show a thoroughly destructive nature really "child-friendly family entertainment"? Or even contemporary? As always, everyone is free to judge for themselves. But a very fundamental question: where is the first purely electrically powered monster truck?


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