Hennessey Veloci-Raptor (2019): Finally with a V8 supercharger

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Hennessey Veloci-Raptor V8 (2019)
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D he storm of indignation must have been tremendous his. At least that's the version they tell at Hennessey Performance. In relation to the current Ford F-150 Raptor, which - and that actually borders on blasphemy - is NOT equipped with a V8. But with a 3.5-liter V6, which is double charged and equipped with four-valve technology and also connects to a ten-speed automatic. Nevertheless, not only did the Texan tuner himself consider this an untenable situation, but his customers apparently felt the same way. Which is why Hennessey finally put an end to this wrong game.

5-liter V8 with 2.9-liter compressor

Instead of the six-cylinder unacceptability in the F-150 bug, the Veloci sits -Raptor now the engine that the sports pickup deserves. The five-liter V8 that Ford offers in the normal F-150 anyway. But of course not in series production, but - as is usual with Hennessey - with a flanged 2.9-liter compressor. The combination develops 769 hp; the series Raptor has 'only' 456 hp. A look at the boost pressure makes it clear that it won't last forever: So far, Hennessey has released a maximum of 0.48 bar. There is definitely still room for improvement. Accordingly, the driving performance should also improve somewhat. In its current condition, the Veloci-Raptor sprints from 0 to 60 mph (96.6 km /h) in 4.1 seconds and completes the quarter mile in 12.2 seconds, with a speed of 185 km /h on the clock at the finish line is.

Hennessey Performance
V8 compressor instead of V6 twin turbo: the engine compartment of the Hennessey Veloci Raptor.

It is by no means the case that Hennessey is pureEngine change leaves. In addition to the V8 and compressor, a liquid-cooled intercooler, an emphatically permeable air intake system as well as optimized injectors and an improved fuel system move into the engine compartment. Hennessey also installs new wiring harnesses and a stainless steel sports exhaust from Kat and adjusts the engine electronics to the new conditions.

147,950 instead of 52,855 dollars

Externally, the Ford F-150 Veloci-Raptor remains V8, however, largely the old one. Apart from various lettering and badges as well as a cow catcher bumper with extra lighting, Hennessey leaves the body untouched. Hennessey swaps the original rims for in-house rims, which are covered with coarse Toyo instead of BF Goodrich tires and offer the Brembo brake system a new home. Inside there are embroidered headrests and other badges - nothing more.

Of course, Hennessey doesn’t do this at a discount rate. If you really want your Ford F-150 Raptor with a V8 compressor, you have to pay at least 147,950 dollars (the equivalent of around 133,500 euros) for the Veloci Raptor. The production car is available for $ 52,855 (just under 48,000 euros).


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