GMC Sierra pickup (2022) premiere

GMC overhauls the big Sierra. The giant pickup gets a new top model. That should now catch up with the competition in terms of luxury.

Back in the summer, General Motors had the new Sierra for the 2022 model year pulled up: Heavily camouflaged, the full-size truck served as the main character in a demonstration video in which the US manufacturer used a new system for autonomous driving introduced to followers.

GMC has now presented the production version of the full-size pickup, which, in addition to a revised front, has been heavily revised in comparison to the previous model, especially the interior. In addition, GMC is reacting to the competition, which is increasingly expanding into the luxury segment, and is launching a new top model with the Sierra Denali Ultimate, which also breaks the previous dimensions in terms of price.

Overall, GMC is expanding the Sierra line by three model variants. At the base, the Sierra "Pro" now serves as an entry point. There are also the variants AT4X above the AT4 and the Denali Ultimate as a variant of the previous Denali. Both versions have an extended range of functions and equipment compared to their basic models. The complete front of the GMC Sierra has been revised: new headlights, new grille, new bumper. The almost vertical front with the square meter giant grill is anything but reserved and discreet.

Fully digital instruments will be available for the interior in the future, the new multimedia display extends over a diagonal of 13.4 inches. The new infotainment offers wireless integration of the user interfaces of Apple and Android mobile phones. In addition, the Google App Store can be called up and the Google applications Maps and Voice Assistant can be used without the need for a paired mobile phone. Another innovation is the multicolored head-up display.

The center console has also been revised. The models with individual seats have a new selector lever for the transmission control, the variants with two-seater passenger seats have a classic steering column lever for the automatic. In the higher-priced versions, the steering column is now electrically adjustable.

The new top model Denali Ultimate arrives on 22-inch wheels, has an adaptive chassis with active dampers as standard and comes with a decent package of chrome parts. Plenty of leather and open-pored wood is installed in the interior of the Denali Ultimate, the Bose audio system provides entertainment with twelve loudspeakers, the front seats can be adjusted electrically in 16 steps and have a massage function. In addition, the Denali Ultimate gets the "Super Cruise" system as standard (it costs extra for the regular Denali), with which the giant steamer can drive autonomously on suitable routes.


The Sierra AT4X will again be the most all-terrain model in the series.With a lift chassis and electronically controlled dampers, it offers more ground clearance and better response in off-road use. It comes standard with the 6.2-liter V8 petrol engine and a ten-speed automatic. Both axles on the AT4X have locking differentials, and it also has additional selectable off-road driving programs. An underride guard is installed on the gearbox and protective tubes fitted flush with the sills. The Sierra AT4X also has 265/70 R18 off-road tires. Inside, the AT4X is equipped on the level of the Denali Ultimate, so you can shoot through the desert towards the sunset in dignified luxury.

Four engines are available for the GMC Sierra. The new base engine is a 2.7-liter four-cylinder that replaces the previous V6 as the entry-level engine. The turbo four-cylinder brings it to 310 hp and 420 Newton meters of torque. Above that are two V8 petrol engines without supercharging: a 5.3-liter unit with 355 hp and 519 Nm and a 6.2-liter eight-cylinder with 420 hp and 623 Newton meters of torque. Those who prefer to use a diesel engine can choose a three-liter straight-six. The turbo diesel delivers 277 hp and serves exactly the same torque as the large petrol engine: 623 Newton meters.

Except for the basic engine (eight-speed automatic), all other drives are equipped with a ten-speed automatic. The four-cylinder Sierra can already take up to four tons on the hook, with the V8 models the maximum trailer load is between four and 4.8 tons. The most attractive selling point here is the diesel Sierra, which is approved for trailers weighing up to 5.9 tons.

GMC Sierra prices and start of sales

The 2022 model year GMC Sierra has been announced for dealers next spring. Prices start at the equivalent of 27,900 euros for the basic model Sierra Pro with four cylinders. You have to budget at least 52,700 euros for the Denali, and 64,400 euros for the AT4X. The top model Denali Ultimate requires an investment of around 69,000 euros. As is usual in the USA, all these prices are subject to the taxes of the respective state. So if you want to bring a GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate to Europe, you can expect total costs in excess of 100,000 euros. A lot of money for a flatbed truck, but it's also pretty big.


With the new Sierra, GMC is once again catching up with the competitors who have pushed the luxury level further up with their latest models. The Sierra Denali Ultimate and the off-road-heavy AT4X trump with a particularly exclusive interior, but also move the price scale up sharply.Anyone who, given the range of engines with fat V8 suckers and powerful six-cylinder diesel, asks himself the reflexive question of an electric variant these days: It will also come, as a Sierra EV, probably in 2023.


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