GMC Sierra Heavy Duty 2020: Heavyweight with diesel V8

GMC Sierra Heavy Duty 2020
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There are things that you need and there are things that you want. If we take it very seriously, all we really need is air and food. But such a huge pickup has so much more to offer. It has to, because you can't eat it and an eight-cylinder diesel is counterproductive for the air you breathe. So what benefits does the new GMC bring S ierra Heavy duty with you into the 2020 model year?

Lots of power

A key figure in this vehicle segment is the torque. One, two, three, four - in numbers: 1,234. That's how many Newton meters there are in the large V8 diesel turbo of the Sierra Heavy Duty 3500, which GMC couples to a ten-speed automatic. The unit has an output of 445 hp and has also been working in the Chevrolet Silverado for some time. There will also be a new petrol engine. The current six-liter V8 (L96) could be replaced in the form of a 6.6-liter V8 with around 400 hp.

In terms of design, the smaller GMC 1500 Sierra should be the inspiration for the heavyweight.

A further developed version of the GM T1 platform should be hidden under the heavy sheet metal cover. The group's all-purpose full-size vehicle weapon also carries Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon and Escalade. The design should be based on the already presented small GMC 1500 Sierra. That also suggests the teaser photo of the front grille, at least as far as the headlights with the framing LED daytime running lights are concerned. Inside you can see another light unit with a gray frame, which is not available on the little brother.

The fourth generation of the GMC Sierra Heavy Duty is built in Flint (Michigan) and Fort Wayne (Indiana). The market launch is expected to be in autumn 2019.


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