Futuricum Semi 40E: 380 kilometers in a 40 ton electric truck

Futuricum Semi 40E
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V ier Engines with a total output of 680 hp drive the Futuricum Semi 40E from Switzerland. The truck, which weighs around 8.2 tonnes without a body, should be able to travel 380 kilometers with one load. Even if the total weight of up to 44 tons is completely exhausted. The maximum speed is 86 kilometers per hour.

The design factory Futuricum Semi 40E has 680 HP and a payload of up to 28 tons.

The customer can choose from a total of three different battery packs: Small (1x170 kWh or 2x85 kWh), Medium (1x170 kWh + 1x85 kWh; in total 255 kWh) and Large (2x170 kWh, i.e. 340 kWh total capacity). The total weight of the battery packs is 1,135, 1,770 and 2,270 kilograms. The ranges are 190, 285 and 380 kilometers. Depending on the type of charging (22 kW on-board, 44 kW on-board or up to 150 kW off-board using a CCS fast charger), charging the batteries can take between 1.3 and 15 hours. If you have a quick charger, you can start your journey with the large package after 2.2 hours with an 80% charged battery. A nice side effect: the vehicle batteries can be reused or recycled as stationary storage.

The Futuricum brand pays homage to the former Zurich vehicle construction pioneers of Turicum. This is accompanied by a promise for the future and a commitment to the Swiss industrial location. The manufacturer and owner of the brand is Designwerk Products AG.

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