Futuricum FH SEMI 40E 900 kWh: 500 km with XXL battery

The Swiss e-truck converter Futuricum shows how heavy-duty traffic works electrically. The top model is said to have a range of 500 kilometers and has a huge battery in the cross.

It was not until September 2021 that Futuricum showed that you can drive 1,100 kilometers with an electric truck and secured the Guinness record for the longest distance driven with an electric truck. Important limitation: The success was achieved on the 2.8-kilometer-long Contidrom near Hanover, i.e. more or less under laboratory conditions that cannot be compared with everyday trucking. The situation is completely different with the latest launch that Futuricum is now rolling out in front of the factory gate. Together with the logisticians Friderici Special and Galliker Transport, the first two heavy-duty trucks were put on the wheels, which should cover a range of 500 kilometers in tough everyday heavy-duty work.

160 kWh per 100 kilometers

For this, the tractor units based on the Volvo FH were extended by one meter and the payload was increased by two tons. This was the only way to place the 900 kWh battery capacity between the axles and behind the driver's cab. According to the manufacturer, the top Futuricum models intended for use in heavy and special transport have a range of around 500 kilometers. The usable capacity is 765 kWh, the consumption should be around 160 kWh/100 km. According to Futurium, the total weight of the 4 battery packs (225 kWh each) is 5,440 kilos.

So much battery capacity places special demands on the subject of charging: a 22 kW charger is standard on board, and a 44 kW version can also be ordered as an option. With the 22 kW you have to plan around 37.3 hours for full charging (100%), with 44 kW the 100% time drops to 18.7 hours. The maximum fast charging power is up to 350 kW, then the battery is 80% again in 1.7 hours. It takes 4.1 hours on the 150 kW fast charger. The Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) has granted a special permit for both models so that the electric semi-trailers can drive on public roads.


A 900 kWh battery is difficult for the average Otto electric car driver to imagine. Even the absolute kings of range in the passenger car segment only drive around 100 kWh. But we will have to get used to the big numbers. Because obviously a market for all-electric tractors is actually developing. And because the established truck manufacturers are only at the beginning of development, or are initially focusing on the mass market, there is still plenty of room for specialist suppliers such as Futuricum.


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