Ford Transit Custom 2023 at the IAA in Hanover

Ford presents the new Transit Custom at the IAA in Hanover. The panel van comes with a new electric drive, as a plug-in hybrid and with diesel engines.

With the Transit Custom, Ford has a long-running favorite that is now entering the next round. At the Commercial Vehicles IAA in Hanover, the car manufacturer presented the new generation of the medium-sized panel van. Led by the new fully electric E-Transit Custom , which the brand had already presented in the run-up to the trade fair, the other drive variants were now also driven onto the stage. The second generation of the large-capacity van (as a car variant, it is available as the Tourneo Custom) is based on a completely new platform.

This new platform allows for a lower loading floor height and is offered with panel van and station wagon body styles. The panel van is available with one or two rows of seats (single or double cabin), behind the respective seats is the separate and paneled cargo area. As a passenger transporter, the station wagon is completely glazed. A new variant is an L-shaped partition with two instead of three rear seats, which allows one-sided through-loading over the entire loading length.

,The look of the new Ford Transit Custom is based on the proven and very characteristic design with the slightly pointed front, but brings new design features into play, above all the lower headlight units, which, depending on the variant, are surrounded by an LED light strip above the radiator grille get connected. At the rear, the individually designed upright lights and the structured doors ensure that the Transit Custom does not appear clumsy from behind despite the large surfaces; the predecessor was designed a little more simply here with its smooth surface.

Again as a plug-in hybrid

In addition to the E-Transit Custom, which we have already presented in detail (see below), there will be a plug-in hybrid again in addition to the diesel models in the future. After the predecessor, which was not completely convincing with its unconventional serial-hybrid structure , Ford has now resorted to proven group technology. The drive train known from the Ford Kuga PHEV is used with the combination of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and an electric motor, and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 11.8 kWh is installed as the traction battery. The purely electric range for the Ford Transit Custom PHEV is specified as 57 kilometers. Ford has not yet announced the performance data, in the Kuga this drive has a system output of 225 hp, so little will change.

,Four diesel engines and all-wheel drive

For customers who continue to rely on diesel technology, there are four different variants of the current Eco Blue diesel with two liters displacement. This is available in the power levels 110, 136, 150 and 170 hp.In addition to the standard transmission, a manual gearbox with six gears, an eight-speed automatic will also be available as an option in the future. A locking differential is also available as an option. Also new and, in addition to use on construction sites or in mountain regions, also highly interesting for leisure applications: Ford will also be offering the new Transit Custom Diesel with all-wheel drive for the first time. At the trade fair in Hanover, this four-wheel drive version appeared in a "Trail" variant with SUV panels (see picture gallery).

In the video: The folding steering wheel

The completely new platform also allows for some nice gimmicks that make the new Transit Custom even more useful. The most exciting detail is certainly the foldable steering wheel (see video above), which can be swiveled into an inclined "laptop position" and into a horizontal position as a work and dining table. The steering wheel rim is swiveled on the steering column, which remains in its position. Of particular interest to upgrade manufacturers: With the new Transit Custom, Ford is creating an integrated interface for additional installations ("Ford Pro Upfit"). Industry-specific additional equipment from lighting to machine installations can be controlled via the vehicle interface and thus also integrated into operation via the multimedia system. As with the E-Transit Custom, the "ProPower Onboard" system can also be ordered for the plug-in hybrid. The traction battery thus provides alternating current for machines and tools with an output of up to 2.3 kW via a corresponding socket.

It will be a while before the new generation with two wheelbases, two heights to choose from and five equipment lines (Basic, Trend, Limited, Trail and Sport) comes onto the market. The new Ford Transit Custom will be available to customers in the second half of 2023 as a model year 2023. Accordingly, no prices are known yet.


With the new Transit Custom, Ford has raised the bar for competition. Not only with the all-electric E-Transit Custom, which scores in its segment with the highest performance and the longest range. The optical redesign, which declares war on the clumsy panel van design, has also been successful. Few customers will regret the fact that the quirky serial hybrid from the predecessor in the new generation is being retired thanks to the PHEV technology from the Kuga. And diesel fans will continue to be offered high-torque and long-range diesel engines. The fact that the Transit Custom will also be available with all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission in the future should also make the campervan community sit up and take notice.


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