Ford Pro Electric Supervan: 2,000 hp electric van

The Ford commercial vehicle division Ford Pro is presenting a very special electric commercial vehicle together with Ford Performance in Goodwood.

Attention Goodwood drivers: Ford is bringing out a very special model at the 2022 Festival of Speed. It comes from the commercial vehicle division and comes with an electric drive. So that an e-transporter is also suitable for the Festival of Speed, Ford Performance can also get involved.,

Electric supervan with 2,000 hp

The fourth model of its kind relies on a purely electric drive. With almost 2,000 hp, this supervan is as powerful and fast, but also as clean as ever. Ford uses the just presented Ford E-Transit Custom as a basis. The racing transporter is and remains a study and one-off. The Electric Supervan was developed in secret. The global Ford Performance Team, the rally and racing vehicle specialists STARD in Austria and the Ford Design Team in Cologne were all involved. The demonstrator is intended to demonstrate the potential of battery-electric drive technology in a brutal manner.

The powertrain of the Ford Pro Electric Supervan relies on four electric motors with a total of 2,000 hp and 1,800 Nm of torque. They draw energy from a liquid-cooled 50 kWh battery via a tailor-made drive management system. This does not result in much range, but brutal driving performance. It goes from zero to 100 km/h in just two seconds. However, no stone was left unturned. The E-Transit Custom was only allowed to donate its floor assembly. Above it sits a steel frame and a body made entirely of composite materials. The battery sits centrally and deep in the chassis. Below the body, the heavily modified chassis with asymmetrically long double wishbones, special spring struts, additional frames on the front and rear axles taken from motorsport and reinforced brakes have been adapted to the immensely increased dynamic potential.

Brutal racing look

Pure racing dictates the outer shape of the Ford Pro Electric Supervan. The nose with its spoiler is very close to the road. The wide tires are under wheel arches, which are also widened. In between, there are lavish sill extensions with air inlets and outlets in front of and behind the wheels. ,

Towards the rear, the side walls of the luggage compartment slope inwards and thus ensure proper airflow through the body. At the rear, a powerful roof spoiler and a barely smaller diffuser dominate.

The Ford Pro Electric Supervan also relies on comprehensive connectivity. The five available driving programs can be selected via the touchscreens in the cockpit, the loading hatches can be controlled, and numerous on-board cameras can be directed and their data streamed. The drive power can also be directed to individual axles. Quite banal things like making phone calls or navigating are also possible. Inside, the Ford Pro Electric Supervan features an extensive FIA-compliant racing safety package, which includes bucket seats and a roll cage.

Ford's fastest and cleanest supervan of all time will be piloted on the approximately 1.9-kilometer mountain route in Googwood by professional racing driver Romain Dumas.,


Ford is bringing an electric utility vehicle to Goodwood. The supervan built by Ford Performance comes with an electric drive and 2,000 hp. We're looking forward to.


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