Ford F-Max: Now also with Germany distribution

2019 was the Ford F-Max International Truck of the Year. In Europe it was previously only available on selected markets. Now he is coming to Germany.

For a long time, Ford Trucks was only represented with its heavy-duty trucks in markets in the Middle East, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe. As part of its global growth plans, Ford Trucks wants to roll out the models even more widely. In 2019 the F-Max models also started in Europe . Initially, the markets in Portugal and Spain were served. Now there is also a general importer for Germany.

Germany as a key market

This role is taken on by the Crailsheim car and commercial vehicle dealer Stegmaier, who founded F-Trucks Deutschland GmbH for this purpose. The first Ford vehicle to be available in the heavy truck segment in Germany is the F-Max tractor. Dave Johnston, Deputy General Manager of the manufacturer Ford Otosan, presented Ford's strategy. "By entering the German market, we want to continue our expansion in Europe." Ford is currently represented with heavy trucks in 45 countries. Within the next few years, the number should be increased to 55 countries. "Germany plays a very special role for us, it is a key market. We are proud to gain a foothold in the largest market for heavy commercial vehicles in Europe." The new F-Max tractor has been highly praised for its engineering, design and performance. "This has encouraged us to accelerate our growth plans," said the manager.

So far there are 21 partner bases of Ford F-Trucks in Germany. By the end of next year, 60 bases should be online. F-Trucks Deutschland GmbH not only handles the import, it also offers all services related to heavy commercial vehicles.


With Ford, an eighth heavy-duty truck brand is aiming for the German market. Ford itself sees Germany as a key market in Europe. Global expansion is set to go even further.


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