Ford F-150 as USSV Hamba at Barrett-Jackson

The USSV Hamba is based on a Ford F-150. It looks armored and is now part of an auction.

The US auction house Barrett-Jackson lists it dry under lot number 705: a bizarrely converted Ford F-150. US Specialty Vehicles (USSV) from Rancho Cucamonga, about 67 driving kilometers east of L.A., is responsible for the fearlessly implemented modifications. Chinese USSV owner Tim Tang named the vehicle Hamba, meaning "strong".

Ford built the F-150 serving as the base vehicle in 2019. The pickup is equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 mated to a ten-speed automatic. USSV regularly converts Ford pickups into martial-looking pseudo-armored vehicles. Some of the USSV cars have featured in the Fast & Furios series of films; however, the model now for sale is not a movie car.

Aluminum body and no cargo bed

USSV shortened the frame of the F-150 and made a new body made of aluminum and composite materials. Instead of the loading bed, there is now a kind of rear with a glass roof insert and tailgate. USSV lowered the truck and fitted 35-inch bedlock wheels. There are also new LED headlights at the front and new LED lights for the rear, running boards on the sides that match the flat-edged body style and new tailpipes.

According to its own statements, USSV relies on luxury for the interior - and has a very special view of the topic. All four seats are cherry red and have diamond-shaped stitching with contrasting stitching. The door panels and the interior panels in the rear are made of the same material. USSV reportedly invested a six-figure sum for the entire conversion. So far, the former pick-up has run 663 miles (1,067 kilometers). According to the manufacturer, the car should be suitable for racing and a prototype for other vehicles.

There is no minimum price for the Hamba . However, USSV has already sold other conversions at high prices. For example, a Rhino GX based on the Ford F-450 went for $300,000 (currently the equivalent of around €305,623).


The USSV Hamba is visually so bizarre that it could hardly be more eye-catching. Beneath the angular, flat bodywork, however, sits the most ordinary car in the USA, a Ford F-150 – because it has been the best-selling car in the USA for decades. And what looks like armor and a military vehicle is actually a shell made of aluminum and plastics. The luxury proclaimed for the interior is limited to cherry-red seats with diamond quilting.

The price of the Hamba can hardly be estimated - there are certainly fans for such cars. The USSV Rhino GX, which was significantly more serious and also in the interior considerably more complex, sold for 300,000 dollars. However, there is also an F-450 under it. But this price is an indication that the optically mega-nasty Hamba shouldn't be a bargain either.


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