FL 6 truck with Banksy graffiti: this Volvo is worth millions

FL 6 truck with Banksy graffiti
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D This time on offer: A Volvo truck , FL 6 series, built in 1988, 17-ton truck. The mileage is just as unknown as the engine. Does the turbodiesel produce 180 or 250 hp? One does not know. What you know about the Volvo FL 6: It was voted “Truck of the Year” in 1985. But this award is not the reason why the truck will soon be auctioned for a presumably seven-figure amount.

From the Volvo FL 6 to the 'Turbo Zone Truck'

The main reason for the enormous estimate of 1.0 to 1.5 million pounds (currently 1.1 to 1.7 million euros) is the person who was artistically active in the form of a graffito on the Volvo: Banksy, the British street artist, none of whom really did knows who he actually is. The Banksy who willfully shred his art - just at the moment when it is auctioned for huge sums. Hopefully the Volvo truck will be spared this fate, because it will also go under the hammer: On September 14th as part of the Goodwood Revival at a Bonham's auction.

The motifs of the truck recur in later Banksy works.

Since Banksy was immortalized on the truck, it has been called 'Turbo Zone Truck', subtitle: 'Laugh Now But One Day We'll Be In Charge'. This sentence is on the right side of the suitcase, over sprinting soldiers, next to cannons and in a rather apocalyptic environment. On the left, a man is swinging a hammer on a screen, monkeys are flying around and the word 'Circus' is written. Banksy's signature can be seen on the side guardrails. Assuming we recognize all of this correctly, these are motifs that will appear in later worksreturn.

An early Banksy work from 2000

Why a 30-year-old distribution truck, for which freight forwarders would otherwise spend a low four-digit amount, suddenly sells for millions of euros Area, you have to ask art experts rather than auto experts. According to the auction house, Banksy is said to have made the graffito in 2000. It thus comes from the artist's early and formative years - and is considered one of his (in terms of dimensions) - greatest works. Finally, the truck offered around 80 square meters of space to embellish.

Banksy designed the truck for the Turbo Zone Circus, pyrotechnics with acrobatics, stunts, music and video projections.

Incidentally, the project started at a New Year's Eve party in southern Spain, where the new millennium was welcomed and Banksy was invited. The artist began his work at the party, which he finished in the following weeks. In the following years, the truck toured Europe and South America for the Turbozone Circus, which mixes pyrotechnics with acrobatics, stunts, music and video projections.

Incidentally, the fact that the work of art is real is certified. Namely from Pest Control - a company that does such things on Banksy's behalf. Now the truck just has to stay intact during and after the auction - and the buyer can find the right place for it. The hall of a logistics company seems to be just as unsuitable a place for the old Volvo as the living room of a wealthy art collector.


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