Electric Green-G runs on Webasto batteries

An Italian company is bringing an electrically powered commercial vehicle onto the market with the Green-G. Webasto supplies battery and air conditioning technology.

The Italian company Green-G is planning to launch an electrically powered commercial vehicle for municipal use. With different bodies, the Green-G can be used as a disposal vehicle, delivery van or construction site vehicle, for example. The German supplier Webasto contributes battery and air conditioning technology for the Green-G.

35 or 70 kWh storage capacity

A lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt battery with a storage capacity of 35 kWh is installed in the basic model. There will also be a variant with two batteries, increasing the capacity to 70 kWh. Then a range of up to 250 kilometers should be possible. The top speed of 80 km/h is more than sufficient for urban use. The total permissible weight of the Green-G is said to be 3.5 tons.

Webasto relies on a high-voltage heater for the air conditioning of the interior, which, according to the company, converts direct current into heat "almost without loss". The software in the vehicle controls the air conditioning depending on the weather conditions in order to work as energy-efficiently as possible.


The electric small truck Green-G for municipal use comes from Italy. The German supplier Webasto is contributing batteries and air conditioning technology.


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