Electric double-decker bus starts in 2022

The Jewel E electric double-decker bus will be produced in Great Britain from 2022. It helps to make passenger transport locally emission-free.

The UK government has set a target to have 4,000 zero local emission buses built in the country on the road by 2024. This is intended to make local and long-distance passenger transport more environmentally friendly. The specialist Equipmake, based near Norwich, has developed an electric drive train for double-decker buses. The body of the vehicle is made by Beulas in Spain. The bus, called Jewel E, is to be built in a new plant in Norfolk, UK, from 2022.

Range of 400 kilometers

The electric drive, which is already used in some modified form in buses without a second floor, has a maximum output of 400 kW (544 hp) and develops a torque of up to 3,500 rpm. This should also get a fully occupied double-decker bus on the spot.

The generous dimensions allow the integration of battery packs with a storage capacity of 543 kWh, which should be sufficient for a range of just over 400 kilometers (250 miles) under ideal conditions. In the depot, the batteries are to be fully recharged at night via a CCS connection. The first test drives of the Jewel E are scheduled to begin in 2022, before field tests in customer use will take place in the first quarter of 2022 before the start of series production.


The British government wants to electrify passenger transport with buses. The famous double-deckers should also be locally emission-free. Series production of the Jewel E will begin in 2022.


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