David Obendorfer Type H 70th Anniversary Van: Homage to legendary van

David Obendorfer
David Obendorfer Type H 70th Anniversary Van
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K clear edges, corrugated iron body and sliding doors - the Citroën HY had its very own profile, drawn by Flaminio Bertoni. The HY first appeared 70 years ago. But the HY is not forgotten. No, on the contrary. Fabrizio Caselani and David Obendorfer bring him back into active life.

David Obendorfer
The legendary HY competed 70 years ago.

The two designers have created a modern interpretation of the corrugated iron Citroën with the Type H 70th Anniversary Van. The homage is not a virtual showpiece, but rather tangible. A conversion kit based on a current Citroën Jumper was developed. This includes numerous plastic add-on parts that are applied to the original body. The front is given a complete mask, which imitates the well-known snout of the HY and also contains two round headlights. There is also a new front apron and the typical radiator grille. However, it must not wear the original double angles, but they are indicated. The flanks are fitted with panels in a corrugated iron look from the waistline downwards. Even the roof is provided with corrugated iron dummies. The corrugated iron appearance is completed by rear door panels and new lighting elements.

David Obendorfer
With a conversion kit for a retro look.

A total of only 70 of these kits should be released, corresponding to the anniversary. The add-on parts are manufactured at FC Automobili in Sospiro /Cremona. However, only Italians should be able to enjoy driving a new old HY, because the conversion is only offered there. No prizes were named.

The designers have continued to develop their idea virtually. In addition to the normal transporter, an off-road version and a typical box body were created.

For designer David Obendorfer, the Type H is not the first retro design. The Italian has already attracted attention with a retro VW bus and a reinterpretation of the BMW CS.


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