Coleman Milne Ford Mustang Mach-E hearse

The British special conversion company Coleman Milne converts the Ford Mustang Mach E into a coffin transporter. A stretch limo for the bereaved is also included.

A different kind of dead silence: With the Ford Mustang Mach E, the British coachbuilder Coleman Milne has converted a new series into an extra-long hearse. The electric SUV is thus making a second career as a car for quiet farewells and is being paired with a stretch limo model.

Hearse and Limousine

Coleman Milne describes himself as "the leading manufacturer of ceremonial vehicles in Europe" and has over 60 years of experience with extended grave carriages. In addition to the now presented Etive series based on Mustang, the current range primarily includes models based on the Mercedes E-Class. They are a little aesthetically demanding because of the high roof (see video below), but they are also already in whisper mode, Coleman Milne uses the plug-in hybrid variants of the E-Class here.

The conversion of the Mustang Mach E looks more coherent, although here too, as is customary in the industry, a huge glass house was modeled behind the B-pillar. The funeral car grows in height by more than 30 centimeters to 1,980 millimeters. The length is even more generous, at 6,297 millimeters the extended SUV towers over the production model by over one and a half meters. In addition to the necessary space for the coffin, this also creates a total of four seats for its bearer. The Etive limousine does not grow quite so extremely, here the Mustang Mach E is "only" lengthened by 1.1 meters to 5.84 meters. The escort vehicle for relatives has seven seats.

Both models have the drive train in common. Because potential customers are no longer really in a hurry, the basic drive with a rear engine and 198 kW output is used here, the 75 kWh battery should still be good for a range of 200 miles (322 km) after the conversion. Coleman Milne does not give official prices, these are agreed with the customers quietly and discreetly according to the topic. Incidentally, the Mustang Mach E Etive is named after the river of the same name in the western Scottish Highlands.


With the Mustang Mach E, undertakers will be able to go about their work particularly exclusively and quietly in the future. The traditional company Coleman Milne from Great Britain is converting the electric SUV into the 6.3 meter long "Etive" box truck. The associated Etive stretch limousine based on the Mustang Mach E, which Coleman Milne also offers, is not quite as long, but still very stately at 5.8 meters.


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