Cheap and spacious: Honda brings electric version of the N-Van

Honda brings an electric version of the N-Van in Japan. The spacious Kei Car is scheduled to go on sale in early 2024 for a small fee.

Imagine you have to deliver an important package in the center of a multi-million metropolis like Tokyo. Crowded streets, narrow alleys, winding traffic routing - a bulky van is of no use there, which is why manufacturers like Honda came up with the small, bustling Kei Cars and have long been selling them in commercial vehicle variants on the Japanese home market. After the Second World War, the cheap, small vehicles were intended to make it easier for residents to upgrade from two to four wheels. ,

The Japanese hardly ever buy e-cars

Today, the kei cars have long had a cult following and their development continues to advance. From the beginning of 2024, Honda wants to launch the N-Van as an electric car for the equivalent of around 9,500 euros. The manufacturer wants to turn both commercial and private customers into e-car customers. Japanese customers in particular are still cautious here in a global comparison, with only one percent of electric vehicles in the total volume (worldwide average is 8.3 percent). ,

The electrified N-Van should be able to drive around 200 kilometers, which is remarkable given the limited installation space for battery modules. Inside, Honda promises space for a maximum of 40 crates. The petrol engine can be loaded up to 350 kilos, there is no information about the electric car so far. Not even whether the interior height of 1.30 meters remains the same when the seats are folded down. In terms of space economy, the N-Van EV should still be usable, if only because of the boxy shape. Figures and data on the vehicle, including the drive, should be delivered by mid-2023. In addition, Honda has announced an electric model on the N-One platform for the home market for 2025 and two other small electric models for 2026 - one of them as an SUV.


Honda electrifies the small N-Van. A Kei Car commercial vehicle for the Japanese market, which has been offered there as a petrol engine since 2018. The EV is expected to be launched in early 2024 and will be able to travel up to 200 kilometers on a single charge. For the time being, Honda does not have any further data and figures.


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