BYD builds 50,000 electric buses: With electricity through the city

BYD builds 50,000 electric buses
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A b spring 2019 the 50,000. BYD-built electric bus in Badajoz, southern Spain, can transport up to 80 passengers. The operator of the bus called K9UB is TUBASA. BYD delivered the first electric bus in Spain in 2017. In the meantime, Valencia, Saint Cugat, Badalona and Badajoz have ordered vehicles.

2 electric motors, 324 kWh battery

The K9UB is twelve meters long and has an empty weight of 13.3 tons and drives a maximum of 70 km /h. A 324 kWh battery supplies the two synchronous electric motors with electricity; the range is specified as 'over 250 km'. The two motors have a permanent output of 75 kW each, with a peak of 90 kW for a short time. The total torque is 700 Nm. For comparison: A 12-meter-long Mercedes Citaro with the same gross vehicle weight of 19 tons has a six-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 220 kW and 1,200 Newton meters of torque.

Production in China and France

BYD has been building electric buses since 2010, the K9 being the first model to roll off the assembly line in Changsha. The 50,000. Bus was built in Hangzhou. The company has also been producing electric buses in France since spring 2018. In December, the plant delivered six vehicles between 8.7 and 18 meters in length to the cities of Beauvais, Dunkirk and Orléans. According to its own information, the manufacturer supplied electric buses to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the cities of London, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shenzen and Sao Paulo as well as Stanford University and Facebook. Chile has the largest fleet with 100 electric buses.


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