BAX electric truck: 7.5-ton truck with extra payload

The new BAX brand brings an electric 7.5-ton truck with a three-ton payload and a real range of 200 kilometers. Well-known brands are behind BAX.

Commercial vehicles with electric drives are increasingly coming from converters or suppliers. This also applies to the new electric truck brand BAX, which is backed by BPW Bergischeachse KG and Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH.

Lots of payload

The 7.5-ton truck with electric drive that is now being presented is to be delivered to the first customers as early as spring 2022. The BAX should score especially with the payload. The manufacturers promise up to three tons. This is made possible by a constructive layout and technical performance data that have been consistently geared to everyday transport: With a pure chassis weight of 3.5 tons, the new BAX 7.5 shoulders a net payload of four tons. This makes it the ideal carrier for bodies of all kinds: with a fixed box body with a Palfinger loading bridge that can be supplied ex works, there is still a payload of three tons - a value that many diesel trucks in the eight-ton class do not achieve. There is space for 15 Euro pallets in this version. However, the chassis can also be equipped with all the usual attachments such as container shuttles, cherry pickers, tankers or garbage trucks.,

The BAX 7.5 is available in two wheelbases with wheelbases of 3,465 and 4,475 millimeters. The battery offer also includes two packages. With the long-range battery set with a capacity of 126 kWh, the BAX is said to have a real range of 200 kilometers. The medium-range version with a capacity of 84 kWh has a real range of 130 kilometers - sufficient for city logistics applications. BMW i supplies the batteries. The BAX can be charged with 22 or 100 kW. With 100 kW, the charging time of the small battery from 20 to 80 percent should be 40 minutes. Almost 70 minutes are mentioned for the large battery pack.

For the drive, the BAX 7.5 relies on a drive axle from BPW that can be loaded with a maximum of 5.6 tons. It houses two electric motors with a total output of 100 kW and a maximum torque of 3,290 Nm per motor.

Concept offers a lot of safety and driving comfort

Because the drive is not under the driver's cab, it can be positioned lower. The driver sits at eye level with the rest of the traffic, which benefits safety. This also makes getting in and out much easier. Numerous assistance systems ensure safety, including lane departure warning, emergency braking and turning assistants and a reversing camera. The driver is pampered by comfort features such as standard air conditioning, heated seats, hands-free system, Apple Carplay/Android Auto and much more. Fleet managers and dispatchers are happy about the integrated transport telematics system, which not only allows all vehicle, battery and tour data to be viewed online in real time, but also the current payload.

BPW and Paul have been cooperating for years on converting trucks from diesel to electric drives. In addition to the drive technology, BPW also developed the networking and system integration of the vehicle. Paul takes over the mechanical integration of all drive components as well as the homologation for the entire European market. The BAX 7.5 is developed according to ISO 26262 and receives an EC type approval. From mid-2022, the new truck will also be available for purchase throughout Europe. The BAX 7.5 can be ordered now. Customers can receive the vehicle turnkey including body directly from BPW. Alternatively, vehicle operators or body specialists can also order just the chassis and carry out the bodywork themselves. Prices start from around 155,000 euros. In the first year they want to build 200 vehicles, in the following year 1,000 are to be manufactured.,


With BAX, a new commercial vehicle manufacturer is preparing to roll up the electric market. Behind BAX are the brands BPW BergischeAXES KG and Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH with plenty of truck and electric conversion experience. Sounds like a solid concept.


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