Azimoo expedition truck: a Fuso for explorers

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Azimoo expedition truck
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F uso who? No, even for car quartet professionals there is no shame in not knowing this vehicle. It looks different with commercial vehicle professionals, because the Fuso Canter with Mitsubishi genes has long been slipped into the Mercedes commercial vehicle division. As a comparatively inexpensive and completely straightforward solution for medium-heavy transport tasks, it is also available with a solid all-wheel concept: rigid axles at the front and rear on leaf springs, all-wheel with reduction and three-liter diesel with 175 hp and 430 Newton meters of torque. The heart of every off-road enthusiast will jump.

Mitsubishi from Mercedes

The Fuso Canter drives precisely into a gap between the classic 'small' commercial vehicles in the Sprinter segment and the next larger truck 7.5 tons. With a gross vehicle weight of 6.5 tonnes, it is well equipped for difficult tasks, but it is noticeably more compact than the usual devices on which large expedition vehicles are usually built. Good not only for narrow cross-country routes, but also a real argument when loading ships.

On the roof: Plenty of solar power and the satellite system

The ones in Poland based company Azimoo has realized a residential structure based on the Canter, which has numerous clever details. The box body offers ten square meters of floor space and plenty of room to move around for two people who are also allowed to accommodate guests.

Self-sufficient structure

In the rear of the body is the large 'bedroom' with a double bed and Windows. The bathroom in front is a special feature: the toilet and shower are housed in two separate cabins to the right and left of the bunk. You open both doors, one to the front and one to the frontto the rear, a separate bathroom is created over the entire width of the vehicle and is closed off to the front and rear of the cabin.

Bedroom with a view in the stern of the cabin

In the middle there is the kitchen corner with granite countertops -Look, a seating area with a retractable table is installed in the area facing the driver's cab. A small hatch allows access to the driver's cab in an emergency so that you don't have to get out of the cab. The Azimoo's on-board technology is geared towards self-sufficient living: 300 liters of fresh water can be stored in bunkers, and it is heated by a Truma diesel heater for hot air and hot water. On the roof there are solar panels with a maximum output of 970 watts, and if it actually rains for a week, a 2.2 kW power generator from Honda is available.

Internet in the middle of nowhere

Digital nomads also get their money's worth in the Azimoo: An Inmarsat system also creates an Internet connection somewhere on the Amazon, in more civilized areas you can enjoy regional color TV via satellite and DVB-T antenna. On the way to its destination, the Azimoo Canter relies on robust technology: 285/70-R19.5 is the dimension of the block tires, and if they don't know what to do, the eight-ton winch at the front pulls you out of it Mess.

The prices for the Azimoo, as you know from this segment, are available on request. You should bring around 300,000 euros for the vehicle exhibited at CMT.

Video: The Azimoo in the trade fair check


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